There is always a difference of opinion on who should take the lead for a bride’s special events.  Some think the bride.  Others place it as apart of Maid of Honor duties.  The rest say it is the Mother of the Bride.   When I think back on my wedding season, I left the task to Maids.  I had two, with two separate talents so it worked out perfect.  My detailed, creative, planning bestie was in charge of the bridal shower.  While my “turn up” queen bestie was in charge of the bachelorette events.  It was the perfect set up; all with the aid of my wonderful bridal crew and my mother.  

Of course we had to take to Instagram to ask our coordinated friends!  

Thafirstlady209 said, “Everyone should come together and make it happen.  Delegate the responsibilities evenly.  Problem solved.”  So in this case, is the bride ultimately in charge and doing the delegating?

Lanae_brittney chimed in to say, “Maid of honor, and bridesmaids and in my case the MOB because my mom absolutely has to have a say.  But I like it that all my girls, sister (MOH), and mom coming together to plan epic events for me!”  

Some moms definitely have to have a say!  I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding and her mom handled many of the events.  All we had to was show up in the color she wanted and lead the games.  She did all the planning and gave us all the show/credit!

Jennifer Lam Photography

Standing Ovations in Georgia gave us a planner’s view stating, “Nowadays all mentioned help in the planning.  My brides typically want a certain overall look so they give their wishes to their mother and my team to make sure all is carried out to their wishes.”  Bridal shower’s are becoming just as big events as the wedding.  I could definitely see more brides incorporating wedding planners to help coordinate their events.

For bride _aprilvictoriaa_ this topic was an issue during her bridal journey.  “This was a pretty big controversy for my wedding.  I had two MOH’s so one planned each BUT my mom wasn’t a happy camper about not planning my shower.” Hopefully mom didn’t harbor any ill feelings.  

Onemajorminor countered, “Bridal shower- mother of the bride. Bachelorette Party- Maid of Honor”.  

Ms.Nappier chimed in: “If someone offers then it’s their responsibility!  I would’ve planned my own but my girls are pretty bad a** and are taking good care of me!!”

Through the many different opinions, one consensus was that the MOB is not the person to spearhead the bachelorette party!  Can you imagine what your mom would put together?

What say you?  Who do you want to coordinate your bridal events?  It’s never too late late to join the conversation!

Until next time…Smooches!