It’s Wedding Season!  And with wedding season comes all the celebratory events that lead up to the big day.  A personal favorite of mine is the bridal shower; a gift-giving party held for the bride-to-be in anticipation for her wedding.  It sounds pretty simple but sometimes deciding what type of gift to get the bride can get a little complicated.  Lingerie? Household items? Registry items? We took to Instagram and asked our Coordinated Family: What is a bridal shower really for and what is an appropriate gift to give? We even went to the source, the brides, to ask what are/were they expecting to receive at their bridal shower.

Mozlovingangel says, “It’s supposed to be personal gifts for the bride, the household items are wedding gifts”.

While ctrlaltd3lt says, “Bridal shower is for gifts.  I would prefer items of(f) the registry because I don’t really like the idea of people buying me lingerie.”

Allthat_glitters95 says, “Household items.  Lingerie is for the bachelorette or something more private”.

While mrs._klj.barnes says that you should “gift items for the honeymoon and wedding night.  Household items are for the housewarming party”.

A few brides cringe at the idea of receiving lingerie or other sexy items in front of their mom, aunts, and grandparents.  Prettypinkcupcake chimed in stating: “I got some granny lingerie at mine and exchanged it. LOL.  I think the bridal shower is for both.  And for those who are concerned about what their mom may think…the marriage bed is undefiled…hell her and ya daddy did it to get you here and I’m sure she wants grands so…”.  Well alrighty then!

x0coco_ commented, “I think it is so nice when a guest goes off of the registry, but also a great touch for some wedding night essentials or some personalized gifts.  Majority of the time I like to gift something personal”.

Overall, based on the comments, we suggest that the host of the shower be sure to include a gifting theme or links to a registry if the bride is specific about what she wants.  If not, the comments suggest that the bride will get whatever the guests feel like giving her based on their own personal opinion.  All in all, the bride will just be happy to celebrated.

What are you expecting to receive at your bridal shower?

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