When it comes to wedding planning one of the most important vendors (in my opinion) is the photographer! When the guests have left, the glasses are empty and the shoes are kicked-off, the photographs are what you’ll have left to look back at! I am absolutely obsessed with pictures so I made it my duty to hunt for the “perfect” wedding day shots for my wedding, I even went as far as giving my photographer a list of MUST have photos that had to be taken on the wedding day! Yes, photographers usually know when to take a picture, but it’s also okay to guide them through your vision.  Here are my top ten favorite wedding photos that every bride should be sure to take on her big day, be sure to capture every possible detail and moment, after all , these last a lifetime!

1.  Getting Dressed With Your Bridesmaids

Make it playful with robes and confetti or make it elegant with everyone all dressed, this is one of my favorite shots because it gets to capture the bride and her girls having fun! It’s also a great time to capture the details of the wedding dress and bridesmaid gowns.

Image Featured on Instagram Via @amyrizzutophotography

Image Featured on Instagram via @kriskan

2. A Picture of You and Your Gown

This is a romantic shot, that captures the most intimate moments with the bride before she gets dressed or right after she puts on her gown, away from the hustle and bustle. This is the moment to take it all in!

Image Featured on Instagram via @jayjaystudios

3. A Photo Capturing Your Dress Details

We’re sure you spent a ton of money on this dress, so be sure to have your photographer take every single detailed shot that they can of you in it! Capture the lace, the train, the back, everything ! Be sure to have someone around to help set your dress properly so the photographer is able to capture it in all its glory.

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4. The First Look

Whether its staged or the real thing, this will surely be a treasured image to share with your kids one day. This moment always captures the genuine emotion of the bride and groom at first sight.

Image Featured on Instagram Via @amyanaizphoto

5. Reception Space Without the Guest

Before everyone else gets to see the final look of the reception space, be sure to take a minute alone to check it out for yourself and to take a few intimate shots with all the untouched decor!

Image Featured on Instagram Via @rhphotoarts

6. Bride and Groom Dramatic Shot

Like something straight out of a magazine, make it show-stopping, today you’re not only husband and wife, but you’re also practically models! Step outside the box, those are when the best moments happen!

Image Featured on Instagram Via @renezadoriphotography

Image Featured on Instagram Via @jayjaystudios

7. Silly Photos With The Bridal Party

Not everything has to be serious on your wedding day, take some time to take some fun photos too! Duckfaces, selfies, be in the moment and just have the photographer snap away!

Image Featured on Instagram Via @sobitartphotography

Image Featured on Instagram Via @sobitartphotography

8. Dramatic Veil Shots

This is my second favorite photo style, the way the photographers capture the veil movement in the moment makes for an amazing photo. If you’re going with a cathedral veil, be sure to do as much as you can with it! The photo possibilities are endless!

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9. Follow Me To

Image Featured on Instagram Via @muradosmann

This is a fun-shot for the bride and groom, it’s been trending recently for most couples on baecations around the world, why not take it a step further and do it on your wedding day too!

10. A Night Shot

Some of the best wedding portraits are taken at night. Whether it’s at sunset, or with a dark sky, the images are always captivating. Be sure to take some time to slip out during dinner to get some of these amazing shots!

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Image Via MaxPhotoNY

At the end of the day, more than anything, be sure to HAVE FUN! And yes, sometimes it’ll get exhausting always having a camera in your face, but its better to have more than enough than to wish you had a few more! Happy planning ladies!