He asked. You said yes…let the festivities begin! The journey to marriage is filled with many fun events to celebrate along the way. The proposal is usually followed by a celebration of the engagement.   Typically parents or others whom are close to the couple host the engagement party, but it totally fine for the couple to host their own engagement party. Here are some tips to coordinating your own coordinated engagement party.


First things first! Lock down a date. This can happen after you decide on an actual wedding date. That way you can allow enough time between your events. Engagement parties are held anywhere between a month and six months after the proposal.

How Much?

Next, decide how much money you are going to spend. As a bride, you will learn the importance of a budget during this process. Decide how much of your wedding budget you want to dedicate to the engagement party. You may have visions of grandeur but your budget will always keep you grounded.


Once you determine your budget, it will be easier to decide on a location.   If you live in an apartment, consider the residential clubhouse if it is available to rent. Or maybe you, your parents, or friends have a home that is made for hosting parties. Another option may be a restaurant. Think of a small local restaurant that would love to have your business. The possibilities of venues are endless depending on your taste and how formal you want the event to be.

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Formality will help determine other things like food and décor. A backyard would be the perfect site for an “I Do” barbecue, especially if your dad is a grill master. A rooftop restaurant screams cocktails and appetizers. Whatever you decide, keep in mind the food does not have to be a full meal. Just be mindful and use cute ways to let your guests know what to expect when it comes to food on your invitation. Also, your décor does not have to be equal to the wedding. You can use your engagement party to be a bit more quirky or fun if your wedding will be formal. Use pictures and balloons to fill the room. Look up cute, simple, and affordable DIY projects to make your party come to life.


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Engagement parties do not have to include everyone you would like to have at your wedding. Besides, you probably haven’t even wrapped your head around that list yet. Reserve your invites to your closest family and friends that will be invited to your wedding. Invite your guests via E-vite or Minted. Both sites are sure to have invitations to match your formality. Stay on budget by going digital rather than spending money on paper invitations. However, if paper invitations are a must, save money by creating your own and printing them yourself or at your local printer.

The Day Of

Prepare for the day of by enlisting the help of your parents and bridal party to help with decorating and set up. Although you are hosting, you don’t want to run around all day trying to do everything by yourself. Decide what you and your groom are going to wear. This is your first party in your honor so coordinate something snapchat and IG ready. For the bride-to-be, be sure to get a manicure because everyone will want to see the ring! Once the party begins, make sure to mingle, smile, and take pictures with your guests. Use this moment to introduce your parents and bridal party to your guests. If you have not proposed to your bridesmaids, you can also use the moment to give them gifts or tokens of appreciation to prepare them for the journey ahead.

Happy Planning!