As you steadily approach your wedding day you are formulating ideas in your heads, on Pinterest, on Instagram and via PhotoStream on your handy dandy mobile devices.  This week’s top of conversation in the office is sweetheart table versus Head/Court or Bridal Party Table and the recent popularity of one over the other.

This is definitely a personal preference but here is why most brides today are deciding to go with a sweetheart table instead of the traditional court styled table.

  1. Large Wedding Party – Most couples have 1 Matron of Honor, 1 Maid of Honor, 6 ore more Bridesmaids and 6 or more Groomsmen.  That’s a total of 14+ people, including the bride and groom.   A long table spanning the width of the room can be a bit of an eye sore when you have this many people.  It also makes it hard for the bridal party to have conversations amongst themselves.
  2. The majority of the wedding party is married but their significant other is not participating in the wedding.    We are pretty sure that the unmarried individuals would rather mingle with the single guests and we are also sure that the married folks would prefer sit with their spouse.
  3. If anyone in the wedding party brings a date, it is more comfortable for him or her to be seated with their guest.
  4. A sweetheart table gives the bride and groom time to talk during dinner.  Let’s face it, you are going to be surrounded by family and friends for 6 non-stop hours.  Being seated alone gives you face time together to enjoy the realization that you just became husband and wife.

With all that being said, here is a sweetheart table designs that we have crushed on for years.  Literally for years!

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