The infamous white wedding dress.  Many people assume that brides wear white to symbolize virginity but it is actually the color blue that is connected to purity.   The color white became popular in 1840 after Queen Victoria wore white in her wedding.  It is said that the Queen wore white as a sign of affluence. Illustrations were widely published and soon brides opted for white over the bold color dresses the previously wore.   Imagine the impact it would have had in the age of Instagram!!

I know I enjoyed the idea of wearing white.  During my engagement period, I wore white to all my major events. The week leading up to my wedding I wore white every single day! It was my time.  And for my wedding I wanted to be the ONLY woman in white!  Am I the only girl who feels that way?  Our Instagram family weighed in when we asked: Is it ever okay to wear white to a wedding?

Times are changing and so are the trends- have the rules changed when it comes to wedding guest attire?  Of course you answered!  Here’s some of our favorite responses.  

Crownedn87 stated: “If you show up at my wedding in white they will escort you out and ask you to return in proper attire!  It’s rude in south, only the bride wears white”.

Teahj94 wanted to make sure her guests didn’t wear white. “It’s on my website and invitations to refrain from wearing white.”  No better way to make it plain for the people. did the same using a cute phrase, “For a picture perfect sight, only the bride should be in white”.  Unfortunately, one person still came in white.  The horror!

NkimaPhotography Belgravia Bridal

Nkima Photography for Belgravia Bridal

iam.her718 has a difference of opinion saying, “It’s 2018 lawd who cares if someone comes to my wedding in white…I don’t care, wear your white.  Just don’t come in a white wedding dress and we good…” 

moluv_taylor said, “Traditionally no but honestly I really don’t see the big deal.”

Ines Di Santo

evu_bu thinks it would be a reflection of the guest.  “Meh, who cares?  If you wear white to someone else’s wedding.  It just makes it look as though you are trying to upstage the bride and you look petty.  But I genuinely believe it is impossible to upstage a bride on her wedding day. She’s the center of attention no matter what anyone else is wear.”  Right on!

Rapper Gucci Mane and his wife Keyshia had an all white wedding
Susan Stripling IPTC Photo

Many of our Coordinated Cuties shared the same sentiment.  The only way that it is completely okay is if it is requested by the Bride.  Personally, I would ask the bride if I wanted to wear anything remotely close to white.  But then again…if you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t.  What say you?