If you’ve ever shopped for wedding venues, you know that Saturday is the most popular day. And you also know that the prices for venues on Saturday are high as well. Some brides may even admit that looking at the weekday prices were actually kind of tempting. Although weekday weddings are not very popular, they are perfect for the betrothed on a budget. Here are some things to consider when planning a weekday wedding.

DO Send Out Invitations in a Timely Manner

If you decide to have a weekday wedding, it is extremely important to send out ‘Save the Dates’ and invitations in a timely manner. Your out-of-town guests may need to take a day or more off of work. Or you may have guests that simply can’t take off. Either way, you want to give your guests the opportunity to plan ahead and respond promptly.

DON’T Start Too Early or Too Late

Weekday equals workday. Workday equals traffic. Work and rush hour traffic means that your guests may not be able to attend until after 6pm. If the next day is a weekday as well, you also don’t want to keep your guests out too late. It is best to find the ideal time and stay on schedule.


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DO Keep it Intimate

There’s just something about the idea of a weekday wedding that says intimate. When thinking of your guests, many of them may have to work the day of or after. Inviting a lot of people could result in a bunch of ‘no’ replies. However, your closest family and friends are the ones who wouldn’t miss it for the world. A small, luxurious wedding would be a perfect way to celebrate.


DON’T Forget to Ask For Discounts

Weekday weddings are rare and most vendors would be happy to have a non- weekend wedding. Venues are almost half the cost on a weekday compared to the weekend, so don’t be afraid to ask vendors if they have discounted services during the week.

DO Consider a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is an opportunity to for everyone to go on vacation. When everyone is on vacation, the only days people are concerned with are their arrival and departure dates. So if your wedding is on a Tuesday no one would care!

Kellyn + Marc Destination Wedding Photography, Akumal Bay Resort + Blue Venado Beach Club, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Kellyn + Marc Destination Wedding http://www.melissamercado.com/ Melissa Mercado Photography, Akumal Bay Resort + Blue Venado Beach Club, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Whatever day you decide for your wedding, the most important thing to remember is: It is your wedding. You only need your significant other, the officiant, and a witness. Do what your heart desires, unapologetically. This is one of the rare times you should.


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