He asked. You said, “Yes!” You bask in your engagement glow. And now it is time to set a date. Getting married on a holiday can be super appealing. It’s an easy date to remember, most people are off, and your family may already be together. Why not throw a wedding in the mix? Well before you make your final decision, consider these dos and don’ts of getting married on a holiday.

DO give plenty of notice

People make plans for their holidays in advance; especially if it requires travel arrangements. Sending out save-the-dates in a timely manner is crucial if you plan to get married on a holiday.   If you give them enough time your guests can plan around your nuptials.

DON’T expect everyone to be available.

As stated above, you want to send out save-the-dates in a timely fashion. But that does not mean your guests will still sacrifice their plans for your wedding. So do not take it personal if you receive quite a few declines. Your budget won’t.

DO consider a less popular holiday

Let’s face it. There is a hierarchy for holidays. When selecting a holiday, consider one that is not tied to family traditions. While a Christmas wedding may sound festive, think about what your family does on Christmas. Would a wedding interrupt the flow? Consider holiday weekends like Memorial Day or Labor Day or holidays like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

DON’T forget about the Luxury Tax


Having a holiday wedding will surely come with extra costs. Venues and other vendors may add extra fees due to the inconvenience. Remember, they have families and plans too. Some venues may even be closed on certain holidays so do your research. Don’t forget to check with you smaller/personal vendors. Your hairstylist may not be available. Travel costs will also be heightened. The Luxury Tax can be inconvenient to you and your traveling guests.

DO get a jump on hotel blocks

Holidays and travel go hand in hand. If you are expecting many traveling guests you want to make sure they have somewhere to stay. Be sure to reserve your hotel blocks in plenty of time.

DON’T let the holiday dominate your theme

Just because your wedding is on Christmas Day does not mean your wedding palette has to be red and green and you have to play Christmas music at the reception. However, incorporating small elements of the holiday is fine. For instance a New Year’s Eve wedding could incorporate a countdown with a balloon drop to close out the reception, or your signature drink can reflect the holiday as well.


Andie Freeman Photography

Whatever date you decide just remember the significance of the day. The holiday will be shared and probably have even more significance to you. Make it yours. Trust me, I am a holiday bride.