You’re deep in wedding planning mode and you’ve just completed what we hear is one of the hardest tasks – the seating chart!  You’re excited that you were able to check this “To Do” item off your ever evolving and massive and ever growing “To Do” list.  Then you receive a text message from a wedding guest asking that you not seat them next to a particular person.  WTH?!!  What do you do now?  Do you redo your entire seating chart to accommodate this request or do you reply to the guest that it’s not going to happen, they will sit in the seat that you’ve assigned to them?

We asked this exact question to our Coordinated Bride Tribe on Instagram and some of the comments were hilarious and exactly what we were thinking.  Other comments made us see the scenario from different perspectives.   Check out the post and a few of the comments below and feel free to comment on this post with your thoughts.  We would love to hear from you!  Happy planning Coordinated Brides!

@jasjley_1002 put it quite clearly: “I would say I couldn’t guarantee it and explain I have more important things to worry about!  Not my problem, you get what you get and don’t get mad! Be happy you’ll be there! ”   We’re with you on this one.  It also depends on where you are in the planning process though.  if I just finished my seating chart then you might have to suck up whatever issues you have with this person.  Sorry, not sorry?

@meshacherie is not here for the nonsense. “I would have to revoke their invitation. My union should be every attendee’s focus. Anyone focused on drama enough to contact me regarding seating is worried about the wrong thing and doesn’t need to come. Positive vibes only.”   No holds bar over here.  This Coordinated Bride does not want any drama around her on the wedding day.

This one made us lol : @cfox12 “I would listen. They’d be seated at home, away from all of my guests.”  Apparently this guest just forfeited their wedding invitation!!  Wedding Guest status REVOKED!

But seriously, if you’re inviting someone to your wedding then they obviously mean a lot to you and it would hurt or put a damper on the day if they’re not there. @feleciagoode‘s comment shows that she is that bride who has a thorough guest list filled with only the best of best friends and family.  She commented, “Yes I would listen an long as its not that’s serious then I wouldn’t sit them together…I have two friends that don’t really get along but luv me an both there behinds better be there so yes I would honor hell they didn’t have to tell me anyway I already honor it.”  Sounding off with a similar comment was @krista_ihc.   She made a valid point, “……. if they are good enough to be a guest why would you not try to make a minor change?” Hi there – TCB Editor playing devil’s advocate here….what if the change isn’t so minor?  Escort cards have already been printed.  Would you still be so Zen?  #Woosah

Some Coordinated Brides just want to avoid the drama ahead of time like @ms_lazard215 who says “Yes, (I’ll accommodate the request) only cause it would benefit me (no drama)…on the day of my wedding day.”   @mrstaylor2016 said had personal experience with this one.  She said, “I did it for my wedding and the day was perfect! Some people just don’t need to be near each other if it can be helped.”  Sounds reasonable enough.  Drama free is the way to be.

After reading all of the comments we’ve determined that there are 3 reasons why a Coordinated Bride would accommodate the request to change a wedding guest’s seat.

  1. They want to avoid any unnecessary drama on the wedding day
  2. They did not complete their seating chart and the escort cards have not been printed yet and there are no other personalized details for guests already ordered
  3. The person asking to change seats is considered a “required’ guest and the day wouldn’t be the same of that person decided not to attend or was uncomfortable at the wedding

So there you have it – straight from The Coordinated Brides’ mouths.  What sayeth you? Feel free to comment below and tune in to IG page every Wednesday were we’ll share a new Coordinated Conversation.

*****Cover Photo by ML Cornwall Films featured {HERE}.

TTFN, Jules