It’s time for another Coordinated Conversation!  Where we highlight the comments of our coordinated cuties from a previously posted question.  This week we are tackling wedding guest and their requests, yes they have them!  We posed the scenario on Instagram: A wedding guest directly messages you asking to not be seated near a particular person, do you listen?

While I could definitely think of a few choice words to say to this guest, some of our followers were a bit more sweeter in their delivery.  @jashley_1002 says, “I would say I couldn’t guarantee it and explain I have more important things to worry about!  Not my problem, you get what you get and don’t be mad!  Be happy you’ll be there!”


@meshacherie says, “I would have to revoke their invitation.  My union should be every attendee’s focus.  Anyone focused on drama enough to contact me regarding seating is worried about the wrong thing and doesn’t need to come.Positive vibes only.”

@key2mia is a little more flexible.  “If I can accommodate for a legitimate reason, then yes.  If not, you can move your chair to the corner or party it up on the dance floor. It’s my wedding day.  Leave the drama at home!”  We understand.  Wedding receptions really aren’t that long especially if you are a dancer.

@ms_lazard215 is not here for the drama so she said, “Yes only because it would benefit me on my wedding day”. A few others agreed that it would be better to accommodate to avoid drama.

To avoid seating drama all together @coffeeeblack says, “Exactly why I’m not having a seating chart.  Find a seat next to someone you like and enjoy the night.”  Never really thought of a wedding without a seating chart.  I wonder how that would go?

I think @a_mor_fati gave us all a textbook response to use when those request hit your inbox.  Be sure to save this one.  “Thank you for sharing your preference.  It will be taken under advisement but I can make no guarantees! Or I’m sorry but we have to seat according to what works for us, I hope you can understand”.  We definitely don’t want to give anyone any false hope just in case they end up sitting right across from their person of disinterest.

It really all boils down to what is best for you and your husband.  Once you honor one request, you may find yourself drowning in a sea of them, bringing on unnecessary stress during an already stressful time,  What say you?

Until next time,