Hey guys, so summer is swiftly approaching and you know what THAT means, it’s Bachelorette season!! Time to have some fun in the sun, mimosas for breakfast, skip the pancakes and go straight to day drinking with your best girl friends! It’s one of the most anticipated parts of being a bride, where to go, what to wear, and whose attending, but what if everyone cant attend this fun-filled trip? Would that make or break the fun that you plan on having? Or would you try to understand? Is it even possible to have 100% attendance at your Bachelorette Party, or is that asking for too much?

We recently took to Instagram and asked our fellow Bride Sisters what their thoughts were on bridesmaids who couldn’t attend the festivities and this is what we heard back!

scorpiolynn3655  helped us try to understand what fellow bridesmaids might be going through financially, “It can be a huge obligation to be a bridesmaid…financially, (i.e. dress, shoes, hair, makeup, travel, gifts). Then don’t forget time. It may be taking all they have to take care of their wedding day obligation”, this is pretty true when it comes to weddings now, the days when all you had to do was show up with your dress and shoes are long gone, there are bridal showers, bridal brunches, out of the country bachelorettes, maybe even hometown bachelorettes, pre-wedding day festivities and so much more that needs to be accounted for that didn’t before! So financially speaking, maybe if a bridesmaid opts out of the Bachelorette festivities, it might not be because she doesn’t want to share in the fun, but because she cannot afford to at the moment and as a bride and friend we should try to understand that!

On the other hand, what if you can’t understand why they wouldn’t try to make an appearance? Not even for just one day? You only get married once after all! Follower nicolegroce says “bridesmaids are supposed to be sacred people instead of fly by night friends that look good”, which is pretty true, you want girls who are down for any and everything when it comes to not only wedding planning but life itself, shouldn’t your “besties” want to make every effort to be a part of all bridal related festivities?! For the most part, when you sign up to be a bridesmaid, you’re signing up for everything that comes with it! That statement definitely resonated with follower tina__iam@chey_jaz when she said “it’s not selfish to expect your bridal party to be at each event. That’s what you sign up for when you say yes to being apart of the bridal party (special circumstances are understandable),” and we agree! A “special circumstance” should definitely be understood when it comes to a bridesmaid who is unable to attend the Bachelorette party. Who know’s what pressures she is under outside of your friendship, whether it be with work, her relationship or life in general. But at the end of the day, yes – everyone knows what they’re getting into when they say yes to that bridesmaid proposal, so why back out now?

What if everyone can’t attend the Bachelorette but still tries to show that they care? Follower kinsleighsmom  shared with us how some of the girls in her sister’s bridal party showed their love – ” My sisters bridesmaids for the most part were out of state and could not travel for both the wedding and bridal shower so as Maid of Honor I did not want them to feel left out. I made sure they were able to contribute and help with ideas, themes etc from afar and even had them to send a heartfelt letter with pictures, poems etc (their choice) that I put into a book for my sister as a gift from her bridal party. It was the most meaningful and sweetest gift out of all of the gifts and something that did not cost money (my sister cried tears of joy for the thoughtfulness of the gift).” We think this was a super sweet idea and a great way to still feel involved even though you’re miles away while everyone is having fun! A little effort goes a long way. 

At the end of the day, is it possible to have 100% attendance at your Bachelorette Party, the answer is yes and no . Every bride is different, every bridal party is different and everyone’s circumstances are different . If everyone is financially able and willing to attend the Bachelorette, then yes you will have full attendance! If there are certain things going on in a persons life that makes them unable to attend, then yes you might be one Bride Tribe member down, but that should never make or break your friendship! As long as you know the love is there then that’s what should matter!

Bride’s don’t feel that a person doesn’t care if they can’t make it and Bride Squads don’t feel obligated to spend your very last cent on something you simply can’t afford at the moment, but to both – show your appreciation always! 

You’ll be their bridesmaid once, but a friend forever!


Catch me later for another Coordinated Conversation!