You’ve said “yes”, you’ve posted your ring selfie, tagged every wedding account possible, and like most brides you’ve already gotten a head start on the planning process thanks to your secret wedding Pinterest board. Since every Bride needs their Belle’s, you’ve probably also reached out to your besties to ask them to share this special day with you as well – but in order for it to be a special day for both you and your girls, please be sure to avoid these 5 things!

1. Do Not Treat Your Bridesmaids Like Servants 

Yes, it’s your BIG day and yes you have a lot on your plate, but do not treat your bridesmaids as your personal wedding servants. They are your friends, your family or soon to be family! Yes, they’re there to support you but that doesn’t mean you should be texting them past midnight about floral arrangements, sending them a laundry lists of things to-do or taking up all of their free time to do wedding related activities. We all have jobs and so does your bridesmaids, just because your life is engulfed in wedding planning doesn’t necessarily mean theirs is too. Be considerate of what’s on their plate and their availability because although they agreed to be in your bridal party that doesn’t mean they agreed to a second job! Be mindful of your requests.

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2.  Do Not Expect Your Bridesmaids To Break The Bank For Your Wedding 

Everyone knows being a bridesmaid is pretty expensive, from the bridesmaid dress, to the bachelorette party to the bridal shower, a bridesmaid could expect to spend anywhere between $500 to $1,000 depending on the style of the bride. Bride-To-Be’s, be considerate of your bridal party’s financial situation when setting your expectations.  People have bills to pay and other personal day to day responsibilities – while they are eager to take part in the wedding festivities, they are not eager to go broke or go home.  Some things to consider when making decisions – pick an affordable (but still tasteful) bridesmaid gown that satisfies both you and your girls, which could be re-worn on a different occasion so your squad gets their monies worth instead of a hideous $400 gown that they’re waiting to burn. If you’d like to do an out-of- state or out of the country trip for the bachelorette be practical. Check Groupon for deals, try an Air B & B, research, research, research! Do not just book a $600 flight and a 5 star hotel and expect everyone to follow suit, be sure it’s something everyone can afford first!


3. Do Not Expect Your Bridesmaids To Help Pay For Your Wedding Dress

Wait, what? Yes, you read it! This is actually a THING! Ladies, it is not your bridesmaids’ responsibility to help pay for your dress. We’ve heard about brides who’ve actually reached out to their bridal party for a donation of X amount of money towards her dream dress. No, no and just plain no. Do not do it.

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4. Do Not Talk About Your Wedding 24/7

Save that for your significant other, who has no other choice than to hear  it. Your bridesmaids are your friends first and bridesmaids second – do not forget this! Remember to always check in with them on their lives too and whats going on with them! Some brides get so consumed in the planning process that the topic of conversation is always about them and the wedding. Don’t be that bride otherwise you’ll be left with one or more fewer friends at the end of the planning process.


5. Do Not Forget To Say Thank You

Sometimes through the hustle and bustle of dress appointments and selfie taking we forget to take a moment to genuinely say thank you to our girls. Don’t be that person. They chose to be a part of your special day and help along the way so be sure to always say thank you, because you better believe – no one wants to actually spend their weekend hot gluing little pink bows on boxes. Nobody wants to willfully lick a hundred RSVP envelopes closed either. A recent trend within the wedding scene is handing out thank you gifts to the bridal party, whether its something sentimental or just something they can use everyday, a little thought goes a long way, consider it for your girls.


Image by Joshua Dwain featured On The Coordinated Bride

And that’s that! Keep all of these item’s in mind and you’ll be sure to maintain your squad for many years to come! It’s easy to let the wedding stress get to you and even easier to fall into the Bridezilla role, but what’s not easy, is finding friends of a lifetime – so be sure to cherish and treat yours right!