The Bridal Shower, the gift giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding typically thrown by her family and/or bridal party.  It’s the first event where it is really allllll about the bride.  I remember mine well.  I left it up to my bridesmaids for the theme.  I trusted them, besides I was too focused on what I was going to wear.  Ladies, you know the outfit has to be right!  The venue has been selected, the place is all decked out, family and friends wait in anticipation but there’s one detail that is typically overlooked.  How does the bride get to the bridal shower especially when alcohol is involved?  We took to Instagram to ask our Coordinated Cuties if it is okay for a bride to transport herself to her bridal shower, and of course you sounded off!

Follower @exotic_8_diva says, “I think the Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid should transport the bride…Maybe the fiancee can drop her off and come pick her up afterwards”. @aninhaoliveiraaa Agrees with the finance taking the bride and picking her up.  “My girls will be too busy and I’d hate having them going back and forth; they deserve to enjoy too!”  People tend to forget that most of the time it’s your bridesmaids putting everything together as well as playing hostess.  If all hands are on deck, it could hard for one of them to get away without slowing down the preparation process.

@curlygirlrosa chimed in: I arrived with my mother-in-law and my now husband surprised me at the end by stopping by with flowers.  I left the shower with him.  It’s always nice when the fiancee comes by at the end to surprise the bride plus he can pack away the gifts!

@hunniebee_mel’s bridesmaids sent an Uber for her. “Afterward, Hubby to be picked me and the gifts up”.   Sending a car is an excellent idea.  There’s just something about being ‘sent for’ that adds to the importance of the occasion for the bride.

Follower @boujee_bost72 says, “She can transport herself being they are planning and setting up the bridal shower…”  While @mssherryblossom says to do “what ever is most convenient on time and travel.  Makes no sense to add more stress to the day for ‘show and tell’ meanwhile everyone’s nerves were wrecked in doing so”.  You definitely do not want a stressful situation when everyone is supposed to be celebrating.

Mostly everyone agrees that the bride should be escorted either by a bridesmaid, family member, fiancee, or Uber.  As @pamelahewlettevents says, “She should be doted on all day! Definitely escorted!”  We agree!   Whatever you decide, if you bride or a bridesmaid, don’t forget that detail in your planning.  Keep the conversation going.  What are your plans?