If you are trying to figure out where to go for your honeymoon or even a baecation, sit back and read through these 7 epic and I do mean EPIC hotels from countries across the globe.  Planning the perfect trip is easier than you think – just choose a destination that coordinates your personality with your travel goals.

The list that I’ve curated includes something for water lovers, cold lovers, animal lovers, thrill seekers, seclusion loves…wait for it….even….ICE lovers.  Yes, I think I have a little something for everyone.

Enjoy and leave a comment letting us know if you’ve ever been to any of these hotels!

1. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya


Ready to experience giraffes in their natural habitat? Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya has the most unique residents – Rothschild Giraffes roam the grounds and at anytime will poke their spotted faces through the hotel windows.  The giraffes are not the only selling point though.  The hotel sits on 12 acres of private land, the rooms have stunning decor and fireplaces and the hotel has one of Nairobi’s best restaurants.  You will need to book waaaaaaay in advance though as the hotel only has 10 rooms!



2. Hôtel de Glace, Quebec, Canada


Located just a few miles north of Québec City, the Hôtel de Glace is the only ice hotel in North America.  It is open from January 4 to March 26, 2017 this year and boasts larger than life ice sculptures.   Once it closes at the end of March, it won’t be open again until January 2018.   There are 44 rooms and if you get too cold at night guests have access to the nordic relaxation area – the hotels outdoor spas and sauna,  from 9pm to 9am.  Oh – they also offer wedding packages; I mean if you want to get married in a room full of ice and all.



Hôtel de glace de Québec 2014. Québec, Canada Quebec City's Ice Hotel. Quebec, Canada

3. Sofitel So, Bangkok, Thailand

Sofitel SO Bangkok Thailand 1

With one of the best view of Bangkok, the Sofitel So is the perfect coordination of modernly luxurious and contemporary elegance.   Nestled in the heart of Bangkok Sofitel So is in walking distance from Silom road, which at night transforms into the best of Thai nightlife.   Christian Lacroix designed the staff uniforms!   Yeah – This is definitely a hotel for the chic and stylish bride.

Sofitel SO Bangkok Thailand 2

Sofitel SO Bangkok Thailand 2

Sofitel SO Bangkok Thailand 4

4. Cambrian Adelboden Hotel, Switzerland

Located in the Swiss Alps about an hour and a half from Geneca,  the Cambrian Hotel has 360 degree  views of the mountains.  One of the selling points of the hotel is the outdoor thermal pool which almost almost appears as if the edge is flowing into the mountains.

The grounds has some of Switzerland’s most amazing ski slopes and hiking trails and is open all year round.





5.  Underwater Room at the Manta Resort – Tanzania



Do you want to sleep with the fishes literally?  If you are water lovers then this resort is definitely for you. Located just a 2 minute boat ride  from shore, The Underwater Room is a Swedish engineered floating structure.  It has 3 levels; the landing deck at sea level has a lounge area and bathroom; the roof area has an additional lounging are for sun bathing by day and star gazing by night. The final level is the  downstairs underwater and contains the sleeping accommodations with an almost 360 view of blue waters!  The price is around $1500 per night but just one night is absolutely worth the price!

tanzania-underwater-room_2-4 tanzania-underwater-room_2-6


Photographer: Jesper Anhede

6. Dedon Island Resort, Philippines


The Dedon Island Resort is located on Siargao Island in the southern Philippines just three hours from Manila.   The resort was created by Bobby Dekeyser, the founder of exclusive handcrafted outdoor furniture brand Dedon.  The resort is all inclusive (event the excursions) and includes an organic farm, infinity pool and  nine guest villas.




7. Hanging Gardens, Bali


Known for its stunning twin-level cascading  infinity edged pools Hanging Gardens of Bali is a 5-Star hotel boasting a spa, 44 private suites, several villas, multiple dining options that overlooks the Ayung River and stunning jungle landscapes. Each private villa has it’s own infinity pool so get ready to take pictures and hashtag #EPICBaecation!



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