2017 Wedding Registry Favorites

With wedding season approaching its time to stop the wedding stress and have some fun! With all the hustle and bustle of planning, sometimes you lose sight of what it all means, the beginning of your future with your spouse! With that said, one of the better parts of wedding planning is picking the wedding registry! Imagining all the new items in your soon to be home can be so exciting, and doing it with your significant other makes it even more fun! Here are a few of our favorite wedding registries to consider when that time comes around!

1.   Ikea

Luckily for the 2017 Brides, IKEA has come out with a brand new wedding registry **SWOONS**. If you were obsessed with IKEA before, you won’t be able to step away now, from their entertainment platters to the dinnerware all the way down to the bedding, you will surely be surprised with all of the detailed items they’ve provided for all the Bride-To-Be’s.

Currently we are obsessed with the Bakeware options available and think they are the perfect addition to the hands-on wife!  Check out this scale that can be used to measure your butter, flour or sugar, you can find it here!

Image via Ikea.com

2.   Macy’s

This is where I registered for my wedding and I will assure you that I was not let down by the options and choices available. It was hard to stop adding to the registry at one point! The Macy’s wedding registry has options for things you wouldn’t even think they have tools for, an air fryer ? YES PLEASE! You might not even know when you’d use it, but it sounds like something you’ll definitely need at some point or another.

Our favorite from the Macy’s Wedding Registry is the Bella Stainless Steel Slow Cooker found here, this is something perfect for the wife on the go, simply throw all your ingredients in and have dinner made all on its own.

Image Via Macys.com

3.   Crate and Barrel

Many may not know that this site even has a wedding registry available but lo and  behold, it does! This by far is for the chic wife, the one who loves to entertain with cute platters and have afternoon tea. From slate cheese boards to graphite napkins, this seems like its from a page out of a Kardashian book!

We are absolutely loving the taco rack they have available, which can be found here.  I don’t even like tacos’ but I would still get this, it’s perfect for your Tequilla Tuesday or Taco night!! They even have a mortar and pestle and a tool to de-pit your avocados, you can go all out ladies, the possibilities are endless!!

Image Via CrateAndBarrel.com

4.   Bed Bath and Beyond

Contrary to the name, Bed Bath and Beyond has tons of items categorized in the “beyond” department. Similar to Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond has a multitude of options when it comes to their registry, if you you could think it, they have it, and more! One item that caught our eye instantly was the Two of a Kind “Mine” & “Yours” Kate Spade Drinkware. Kate Spade makes drinkware you ask? Well yes, yes she does, and you need to have it! You can find the collection here.  Anything from wine glasses and highball glasses that say “Yours” or “Mine” to a decanter thats etched with the word “Ours”. Its perfect for a romantic night in with your significant other cuddled by the fireplace.


Image Via Bedbathandbeyond.com

5.   Amazon

You heard it right ladies, Amazon has a wedding registry available as well! This is perfect for the bride who wants to be non-traditional since there are TONS of options to choose from. The Amazon registry is no different from all the others and carries just as many designer names as well, Mikasa, Lenox, you name it! The Amazon registry has just about everything, even an XBOX 360 if you’re a gamer couple. We kinda fell in love with the fact that it even had portable robots that sweep and mop, check out this iRobot Mopping Robot found here! If you need a few extra hands around the house, this will surly do the trick!

Image Via Amazon.com

Brides, we hope you enjoy this part of the wedding planning and have fun putting together your new home, happy planning!