This past weekend we reached 10,000+ followers on IG!!  This is very exciting!! Thank you to all who are currently following the @thecoordinatebride IG account.  I created the account after getting engaged at the end of 2012 and made the decision not to name it after my business, Unison Event Planners, LLC.  The original intent was to find and engage with fellow brides who were in the midst of planning their wedding.   I did not want them to be bombarded with yet another wedding vendor selling services but I did and still do want to feature inspirational photos and wedding vendors that are available to help make their wedding day amazing.

If you don’t have IG but want to view the content and what we post, you can access the page online {Here}.  We’ve also added a link to the @thecoordinatedbride IG page on the Unison Event Planners, LLC business FB Page {Here} and another link right over on left side of this page.

We are making a few changes in the upcoming months and in this process we thank you for your loyalty and continued support!

Happy Planning!!