A few weeks ago, I mailed out my “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” packages to 8 lucky girls and all of themhave accepted.  Yes, I said lucky, you read that correctly. Lol.  I am about to embark on the planning journey for one of the most important days of my life.  The women standing beside me on that day MUST be equally vested in this #mostimportantday.   On my wedding day, I will have 6 bridesmaids, 1 Maid of Honor and 1 Matron of honor.  My fiancé has 1 Bestman and 4 Groomsmen.  

Below is the photo journey of my “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” packages. 

The search for packaging started and ended at one of my most favorite places, Michael’s. They have an array of boxes which can be used in your “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” packages. 

I went with the boxes in the top left hand corner.  They were available in a few different styles and had quotes about love, life and friendship that perfectly conveyed the emotions that I have for my bridesmaids.  

Then came the hard part, what to put in the boxes.  I wanted to be modern and edgy but still try to incorporate a bit of elegance, purple and gold into the boxes.  I found a really great vendor on ETSY who sold acrylic invitations. The ETSY shop is decadentdesigns.  I ordered 8 invitations that included purple tissue page, and either gold or purple ribbon.  Each invitation came in a white box. 

The first image is from the ETSY shop.  


The below is one of my actual invites.  The purple tissue paper matched perfectly with the overall them of my wedding.   

In order to stick to the royalty theme that I am going for with the entire wedding, I decided to spray paint the invitation boxes gold.  I learned quickly that gloves are an important part of the DIY process. 

I then purchased gold and purple glitter, stencils and glue from Michaels and stenciled the each bridesmaid’s initial on the top left hand corner of each box. 

I also purchased plastic engagement rings and added them to the bow that was wrapped around each box.  On the inside of the main box I added the name of each bridesmaid with gold alphabet stickers, also purchased from Michael’s.  

Being the super smart impatient person that I am, after spray-painting the invitation boxes, I placed them inside the main box for about a week.  When I later opened the box, everything smelled like spray paint.  To rectify this mishap and I purchased little pouches from Michael’s and Lavender draw scents from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I lined each pouch with tissue paper and filled the pouch with lavender potpourri.  This worked beautifully and my bridesmaid said it was one of the cutest parts of the package.  The scent was all over the box. 


Other contents of the box included a hand written note on notecards (I wrote with a purple pen, of course) that had our custom wedding crest on it.  Sorry that I can’t share the images for that yet (it’s a secret).  The box also included custom pens that had our wedding crest on it and ring pops.  How can I propose to my bridesmaids without ring pops? 

Finally, I needed to place something in the package that referenced the date and location of the wedding as a memorabilia for the girls that could be referenced for years to come.  I found a vendor on ETSY called UrbanFarmHouseTampa that did these custom, personalized picture frames.  Each frame had the bridesmaid indicator along with their name, the date and the location of the wedding. The frames also included a sweet poem and the image of a dress. 



I put all of the contents into a UPS box and mailed it off to each bridesmaid, maid and matron.  I received a phone call after each ecstatic girl received their package. 



I took my time with deciding what to include in these packages.  I had so many ideas!  In the end I am happy with what I came up with.  In addition to the above I also included a personal item for each bridesmaid that was doubled as something that they loved and an indicator of the role that they would play as bridesmaids.  For example the bridesmaid responsible for the chocie of nail polish color received nail art, the bridesmaid responsible for makeup received a lipstick from Mac.

My only regret in the bridesmaid journey thus far is that I could not include any more girls.  I’ve been blessed to have amazing individuals in my life and hope that everyone will be happy for my fiancé and I on our wedding day.   

Happy Planning!