My bachelorette weekend was a complete surprise.  I was contacted by one of my maid of honors about 3 months in advance and was told to clear my calendar for a particular weekend in September (2014).  I did not hear anything else until a week prior to the departure date.  I was instructed on what to pack and what time I would be picked up.  That was it!  Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure she ended the phone call with these words,  “Don’t ask any questions, Mind your business.  Good Bye.”

The day of my pick up I played detective and knew that we were not going out of the country because my passport was in the house but that was all that I knew.  When my maid and matron of honors arrived and started packing my items into the trunk of the car, I was able to further deduce that we were not catching a flight to anywhere within the US because there were way too many small items boxed in the trunk to take onto a flight.

As we got on the road and began the drive, I started to scratch off other possible location.  I played it out in my head: Not Atlantic City because we’re going north, not the Poconos, we passed Mohegan Sun, where in the world were we going?  About two hours into the drive, we stopped to get something to eat and to my surprise we met up with 4 other members of my bachelorette crew!  I was so excited!!!  We ate and got back on the road .  About an hour or so later and about 100 “Are We There Yet?” questions, I saw the signs for Cape Code.  Score!!  We were going to the one place that I’ve never been.  The one place that I mentioned to my maid of honor that I wanted to visit.   We pulled into the Cape Codder Resort and Spa and I was instructed to STAY IN THE CAR.

Geesh, these ladies were strict!  When I was finally allowed to enter the resort, I saw that two more of my bachelorette crew members had arrived to the resort.  The Nauti Crew was complete.  9 ladies, one amazing suite and an unbelievable and unforgettable weekend, #julesnautiwknd!


The Coordinated Bachelorette 01

The Coordinated Bachelorette 5671

The Coordinated Bachelorette 1989The Coordinated Bachelorette 4090

The Coordinated Bachelorette 0Jules01

The Coordinated Bachelorette 45468

The Coordinated Bachelorette 898

I cannot thank these ladies enough for coordinating such a memorable weekend for me.  I would give you all the details of what we did from Friday to Sunday but what happens in Cape Cod………….