For Dana and John’s engagement session, Zorz Studio and the couple decided on an abandoned psychiatric center.   Dana was dressed to the nine in an Alice and Olicia organza accordion skirt and   lace bolero Topshop.  John sported a Hugo Boss suit, tie by Giorgio Armani and shoes by Gucci.  We say all of this to say that Zorz Studio was expecting nothing but high fashion amazement on Dana and Johns wedding day.

Guests of Dana and John’s wedding received an invitation for a fashionable wedding in the form of a mock up of New York Weddings magazine, designed and printed so well that you’d need to spend a lot of time examining the invite in order to tell the difference from the real magazine.

The JW Marriott Essex House in NY, which screams “High Fashion”, served as Dana’s bridal suite on the day of the wedding.   The next hit was Dana’s Christian Louboutin crystal stilettos .  Not to be outdone, John’s tuxedo was finished off with is own Christian Louboutin tuxedo shoes.  The two are quite a match!

Keeping up with the red bottoms were Vera Wang‘s gown for Dana and Ralph Lauren suit with Tom Ford bow tie for John. Isn’t it a solid start to a fashionable wedding?  For their ceremony the couple chose one of the grandest churches in Brooklyn, the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, a true NYC borough landmark.   The choice was not accidental—Dana’s parents got married there in 1984.   The evening reception took place in one of Manhattan’s architectural masterpieces “carved” into the Queensboro Bridge, Guastavino’s, with its soaring granite arches and a Catalan tiled ceiling to take your breath away.

Dana and John grew up on the same block but never knew each other.  So Zorz Studios went to their block on a cozy green street in Brooklyn and took a few photos on the very spot where they kissed for the first time.   From there they went to the Meatpacking District for some fun shots and then headed to Guastavino’s and managed to get a shot of their antique Rolls Royce Phantom, provided by Ecstasy Limousine Services, as they drove by the World Trade Center.

The reception went classy and wild with Chris Cross Entertainment.  As a final and truly unique accord, Dana awe-struck the crowd by a talented and emotional singing live while the groom danced with his mother.

We absolutely LOVED these images and the story behind this couple helped us to be transported to New York on  August 22, 2015, their wedding day.

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Vendor Acknowledgement

Photographer:  Zorz Studios // Ceremony Location: Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help // Event Venue: Guastavino’s // DJ: Chris Cross Entertainment // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Transportation: Ecstasy Limousine Service // Location: JW Marriott Essex House NY // Cinema and Video: McKenzie Miller Films // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Ralph Lauren // Cake Designer: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Tom Ford // Dress Designer: Vera Wang // Floral Designer: Wildflowers //
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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