New York City engagement shoots make us smile.   There’s something about the sky scrapers and scenery of this city that never sleeps.  This stylish couple graced our inboxes we could not wait to post their engagement shoot.  A couple with amazing chemistry and top notch style on one of the most talked about streets in New York?  We knew that the shoot would be amazing by seeing just one picture.
From Chad Pennington of Sobitart Photography:
The best thing about being a New York City Wedding Photographer is that you get to be around some of the best people in the world.  I received an email from an old client who I shot a few years back when I was an editorial photographer in New York and to my surprise it was one of my favorite clients ever – Kendra.   She told me that she just got engaged to a wonder guy named Jeremy, who is an analyst for Memorial Sloan Kettering.  Kendra and Jeremy have been good friends for a long time and decided to give love a try.  Did I mention that they are both musicians?
Personally to see these two together was a pure joy as they expressed these words to me “Capture the love between us as we love to laugh and have fun.”  Mission Accomplished.
We can’t wait for this couple to tie the knot in May of this year!!!  Hey Chad, can you get us on the Guest List?

The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_005jeremykendra20151206_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_007jeremykendra201512067_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_008jeremykendra201512068_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_012jeremykendra20151206_low

“Why do you love each other”?
Jeremy: Kendra is beautiful on the inside, and out, she doesn’t hesitate to apologize, and she always fights on my behalf if necessary.  That sounds like a winner to me.
 Kendra: Jeremy is a go-getter. H e is a man of his word and he likes to laugh and joke around.  What more could you ask for?

The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_027jeremykendra2015120625_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_028jeremykendra2015120626_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_029jeremykendra20151206_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_033jeremykendra2015120631_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_021jeremykendra20151206_lowThe Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_036jeremykendra20151206_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_050jeremykendra2015120643_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_052jeremykendra2015120645_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_053jeremykendra20151206_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_061jeremykendra2015120654_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_062jeremykendra2015120655_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_064jeremykendra20151206_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_067jeremykendra2015120660_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_068jeremykendra2015120661_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_069jeremykendra2015120662_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_079jeremykendra20151206_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_082jeremykendra2015120671_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_090jeremykendra2015120678_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_093jeremykendra20151206_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_096jeremykendra2015120683_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_098jeremykendra20151206_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_099jeremykendra2015120685_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_114jeremykendra20151206100_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_119jeremykendra20151206105_low The Coordinated Brid eLockett_Ricks_Sobitart_Photography_127jeremykendra20151206110_low

All images captured masterfully by Sobitart Photography.