Vow To Be Chic, leading designer bridesmaid dress rental service, gathered New York’s most stylish at Ladurée SoHo on Thursday, June 22, 2017, for a bridal shower hosted by The Glam App founder and actress, Cara Santana.

 The event also marked the unveiling of the namesake ‘Cara’ dress, worn by Santana, the first in an exclusive capsule collection for Vow To Be Chic by Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids.  Cara, who is engaged to actor Jesse Metcalfe commented, “As a bride-to-be, the idea of beautiful, affordable gowns is something on my mind! Vow To Be Chic has really brought a red carpet feel to ladies walking down the aisle.”

The strapless chiffon column gown with feminine ruffle detail is now available for rent on http://www.vowtobechic.com/vowxcara for $119 in eight different color options.

Guests at the event included Vow To Be Chic founder, Kelsey Doorey, as well as many other of the top names in the bridal industry.

 “Cara Santana was a dream partner to help Vow To Be Chic kick off this capsule collection with Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids.  Cara is a female founder, entrepreneur, and style icon and we are so excited to launch the “Cara” dress on our site and give women everywhere access to a taste of Cara’s style for their wedding!”  Kelsey Doorey, CEO and Founder of Vow To Be Chic

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Vow To Be Chic is the first and only company to offer designer bridesmaid dress rentals.  The average bridesmaid spends $300 per bridesmaid dress, but with Vow To Be Chic, you can get a designer dress, home preview, dry cleaning, and no need for alterations – all starting at $65!  Vow saves you time, money and (a bit of) stress, stylishly.