Nyasia is getting married on May 23, 2015 and we came across her Parisan themed bridal shower on Instagram and felt the need to share it with our Coordinated Brides.  We absolutely love that the bride to be chose to wear black and also love the feminine touches of pink and ivory.  The contrast made for an absolutely beautiful bridal shower! Thanks to Stephanie of Queen Bee Photos for sharing the images!

The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+45 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+40 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+28 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+24 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+2 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+48 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+22 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+23 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+18 (1) The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+11 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+8 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+7 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+6 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+3 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+33 The+Coordinated+Bride+Bridal+Shower+10

We wish Nyasia all the best in her journeyl to the altar!