My friend introduced me to a thread on Reddit called Cozy Spaces. Since then I’ve been obsessed with the idea of creating my own little cozy oasis on by back deck. Yes, I have a few indoor cozy spaces but I wanted something outside that I can use when I’m not on work Zoom calls, a space just for me.

The first step to creating my cozy & zen outdoor space was the easiest – 1. Finding the Right Location. There is a step down area on my deck that is not utilized right now because it gets most of the sun during the day. The good thing about the space though is that it’s also the best spot on the deck for morning tea or coffee without too much sun and you can catch the beautiful auburn sunsets and the skydivers from the nearby airport in the evenings.

The second step was also pretty easy for me – 2. Choose a Theme. I knew that I wanted a bohemian chic vibe with a splash of zen. To achieve this I chose calming colors like yellow, blue, beige and and green. When choosing your theme, try to focus on what and who will be using the space. Is it a hangout for your and your ladies during “Wine Nights”, a reading nook, or a space for you to escape from the kids (I won’t fault you if you put up a “No Kids Allowed” sign in your cozy space. I knew that I would be working from my area but also enjoying a good cocktail every now and then. So I coordinated a work from home space with a zen space.

Now that you’ve decided on your theme you can get to the fun part and 3. Choose your Furniture & Decor. Three essentials items will be the seating, a small table and of course a rug. Nothing cozies up a space better than a rug. Other necessary items, include lighting and plants. When determining the furniture and decor choices remember who will be using the space and also the size of the space,. If you follow my Instastories then you know I’ve been to Homegoods a few times since my local store opened on June 12. I also headed out to Pier 1 last weekend to catch their 30% off “Going out of Business” sale. This particular Pier 1 location opened for the first time (post Covid 19) on Friday, June 19 and they are only open from noon to 7PM. This means that if I was early enough then I would have my pick of items before they ran out. The outdoor rug (5’3″ x 7′), the pouf ottoman and the throw are all from Homegoods and were the first items to fill the space and the items that got my design juices flowing. The Papasan and palm leaves cushion are from Pier 1 (note that the Papasan frame and base are sold separately) followed shortly thereafter. For lighting we currently have a string of lights lining the deck but I don’t think that I’ll be out there much after dark. I did incorporate a few candles, including Citronella candles and I also have a Citronella Tiki Stand in the space.

The wine was purchased from a Black owned and woman owned winery that I recently raved about on Instagram called McBride Sisters. The Black Girl Magic candle was purchased from a Black Owned and woman owned company called The 125 Collection, which I’ve also raved about on Instagram. All of the other items are things that I found around the house. It’s always a good idea to look around your home and source items that you already have. You’ll be surprised at how seamlessly things you already own coordinate beautifully in the space.

As of right now, this cozy zen space is designated as my area only! No Terrance and No Hammie allowed. I need to make a sign as a matter of fact. Maybe..maybe..I’ll add another seat to the area like the Tear Drop Chair but for now the only things that I have on my shopping list are some yellow throw pillows.

I am going to enjoy the space even more once we redo the paint on the railings and floor but I digress. Since I’m not sure where a few of items sourced from my home were originally purchased, I’ve linked similar items to my Amazon shop. Stop thinking about creating your cozy oasis and just do it! We all need a space that we can escape to every now and then.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions!