You’ve already made some pretty promising plans for 2018. Maybe you bought tickets to Beychella or plan on slaying at your ten year high school reunion. No matter the reason, its in your calendar (get it! – calendar…New Year). My mom always says – if you fail to plan, plan to fail – so if you’ve already got a plan, you’re pretty much traveling into the future.

You’ve envisioned a few things you’d like to come to fruition. The New Year brings vibrancy and life to the entire world on the same day, as people wait for the dawn of a mini-era. Looking into the horizon of the year, and actually visualizing some of your goals coming to life, is a sure fire sign of you swiping right into 2018.

You look at memes that talk about getting ready for the new year, and you silently grin to yourself and say “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” It never fails, November 1st always brings out the funny GIFs that you love and other holiday posts that nobody asked for. Your 2018 will be a lot better if you take those posts for what they really are, (a reflection of someone else reality) and just enjoy life.

You remember where you were at the turn of 2017, and are happy to be in a different place or space. A year is a long time, and so much can change in the time it takes the sun to rise and set 365 times. Looking back, you get a chance to reflect on how far you’ve come and affirm where you’re going.

You feel like the work that you’ve put in all year long, is finally about to pay off.  The rumors are true – the New Year is a snowball effect, thats why someone created, “New Year’s Resolutions,” in hopes that you would keep that diet up from January to at least November.  Long term effects sprout from long term work, so trust that the Girlbosses of the world started writing their books, and planning their conferences in 2016. If you’re feeling the weight of a big task or presentation now, and can’t wait to tackle it, 2018 might be your best year yet. Life hack:  Put big projects at the top of the year, it will keep you working hard and on your A-game, putting you ahead of the curve for the year.