My pineapple infused outdoor patio bar cart is ready for use! With no place to go we’re maximizing the use of our immediate outdoor living space more than ever. I recently designed a cozy space on the back deck and yesterday decided to spruce up the bar cart and infuse it with some pineapple decor that I already had in and around the house.

Outdoor Bar Cart Essentials

Please check my Bar Cart Essentials list in my Amazon Storefront for items to decorate your outdoor patio bar cart!

  • Drinks – alcoholic and non alcoholic. I chose champagne, wine, water, sparkling water, Ciroc Pineapple (to coordinate with the theme of course) and a custom / signature cocktail that matched the pineapple bar cart theme. My cocktail was a mixture of pineapple and mango juice infused with sliced mangos, oranges and pineapples. You have the option to add some of the Ciroc Pineapple to the signature cocktail if you want a dash of alcohol
  • Bar ware – because whats a bar without bar ware? I included champagne, wine and margarita glasses as well as gold rimmed plastic cocktail cups
  • Garnish – the cocktails that I had on the bar did not need any garnish, however I did include fruit (oranges, lemon and lime) in the bar cart decor
  • Greenery and or flowers. I chose greenery
  • Custom elements- You can add any custom, monogrammed element that you like
    • I chose to add the custom gold and white napkins that I had from our 2018 barbecue “The McKay’s Grill and Chill”
    • I also used a clear draw/cabinet liner that is covered with pineapples as the base on the top shelf of the bar. I found the liner a few years ago at Big Lots on clearance for $4
    • I had a custom steel tub that I filled with ice and bottled water. The front of the tub says “The McKay’s Backyard Bar & Grill Since 2014. This was one of the purchases from our 2018 barbecue
  • Signs and more signs! I love quirky signs. I include two, the first sing says “ONE DRINK AWAY FROM TELLING EVERYONE WHAT I REALLY THINK” and the second sign says, “Champagne Lifestyle Lemonade Income”
  • Coordinated drink stirrers, chevron or striped straws. I had a set of 6 drink stirrers that say “gather” and a few stirrers with pineapples on them that I found at Homegoods

Please check my Bar Cart Essentials list in my Amazon Storefront for items to decorate your outdoor patio bar cart! Happy Summer!

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