July 24th, may be officially recognized as Self-Care Day but Naked Princess celebrates the importance of Self-Care every day.  Naked Princess, was founded on the principle of taking that important time for yourself every day. Whether, it’s taking a few extra minutes applying your favorite lip-gloss, slipping into a luxurious silk pajama set or taking that bubble bath at the end of the day and using your beloved moisturizers.  Naked Princess invites women to embrace their femininity through the restorative daily ritual of boudoir (intentional self-care).

“Boudoir is a feeling that you take with you throughout your day. Even if you only have two minutes, take those minutes to do something to honor yourself; something that makes you feel beautiful.” – Jordana Woodland, Founder of Naked Princess

Please find a selection of products from Naked Princess below for all your Self-Care needs.

Unfortunately when we are stressed, self-care is the first thing that we scratch off our “To Do” list.  This is not okay.  Give yourself permission to be great, permission to Live in the Joy.  Take five minutes and reflect on your gratitude.  Empty out all the negative and embrace the positive.  Get in the habit of conditioning positivity.

Self-care is the best care.  Special thanks to the team  at coded{PR} for sharing the above Naked Princess content with our readers.