The focus of the Be the Change-Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. is to support individuals and families during difficult times in their lives and help their stories reach and inspire as many people as possible. This allows members of our community to connect with and help others who they may otherwise have never heard of.  We believe in the good in people, and want to help others be a part of the change themselves. Therefore, we’d like to share the story of Cadence Fox, a 13 year old brain cancer survivor who has beat all the odds.

Imagine having a child with cancer, then imagine your child beats that cancer and you realize you are about to undergo a whole new battle. Imagine being a parent who works hard every day that supplies your family with great insurance and then realizing that insurance does not protect you from the medical debt that quickly starts to drown your family. Imagine being unable to rent or buy a home or car because of this medical debt. Then imagine someone telling you, we are going to help you. 

Be The Change—Brandy Angel Foundation’s focus is to support individuals and families throughout difficult times of their lives and help them reach and inspire as many people as they can with their stories. Since its formation, they’ve had several images and stories that have received worldwide recognition.  They’ve received such a positive response because people truly do want to help others.  

Be the Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. first met Cadence and her family in 2015, right after she was diagnosed with two germinoma brain tumors at just 9 years old and given just 6 months to live. She has inspired and amazed so many from that moment on.  Her optimism, determination, and gratitude for life is completely awe-inspiring. While Cadence has had no evidence of disease for almost three years, she is plagued with life-long side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, and a daily fear of secondary cancers. She has to have scans and MRIs every three months, spinal taps annually, lifelong daily steroid treatments, and hormone treatments so that she can actually start to grow again and hopefully kick start puberty. Cadence lives with eight brain bleeds that are ticking time bombs, and has constant fatigue, migraines, muscle pain, and difficulty focusing. These are all side effects of not only the cancer Cadence has battled, but also of the treatments she received. This is the daily life of an 13 year-old warrior.

In addition to all of these daily nightmares, the Fox family is now literally drowning in debt and medical bills. Once Cadence was considered to be in remission they became ineligible for Katie Beckett Medicaid and lost coverage. Even with private insurance they now owe over $500,000 in medical bills and their debt continues to grow due to continued medical care for their daughter. The family of five moved into a small apartment to focus their time and money on their daughter’s care, but now this seemingly insurmountable obstacle has damaged their credit and made it impossible for the family to rent a home.  No family should be imprisoned by medical debt. 

With your help Be the Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. is going to build this deserving family a home.  There is much left to do. They purchased the land for the Fox’s new home and are currently raising funds to begin construction. To date they’ve raised $20,000 of their $75,000 goal. 

Be the Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. is seeking sponsors to help put this family in a new home THIS year.   This foundation is run completely by volunteers with no overhead expenses, allowing 100% of donations to reach families in need.

Thank you for helping to be the positive change and inspire positive change in this world by helping those who have nowhere else to turn.   Are you ready to step up and be a part of the change, too?

Send an email at  or give call 919-274-1771.

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Checks should be made payable to: Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc  116 Hight Dr, Watkinsville GA 30677.     

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