Remember that scene in Lion King, when Nala laid in the underbrush of the African Jungle, while Simba lovingly gazed into her eyes as he strongly statued over where she lay? If you don’t know the story, the two eventually went on to rule Pride Rock and raise cubs of their own. Talk about #Goals!

That little romp around unchartered safari led to a lifetime of happiness for the two – so imagine what it could do for you.

Whether you just started dating or have been married for 50+ years – keeping your relationship healthy, depends on the amount of quality time spent together. To make sure you feel the love this Fall – we’ve rounded up 8 Autumn Date Night Ideas That Will Make You “Fall” In Love. If you can’t feel the love after this…you’re doing it all wrong.

Pizza Making Competition

Everyone loves pizza, obviously! Its probably the combination of gooey cheese and soft bread. To indulge – head to your local grocery store, grab your favorite ingredients and make pizzas at home. See whose turns out best. You never know – with the right ingredients – your pizza may not be the only thing that will come out hot and fresh.

Find Your Way Through A Corn Maze

If you can find your way through a corn maze – you can find your way through anything. Take an afternoon to strategize together, have fun leading him left, getting lost and then going right. Bring lots of water, and chapstick – as the corner between lost and found calls for lots of kissing.

Go Apple / Pumpkin Picking 

There’s nothing more delightful then experiencing nature in pairs.  Find your way to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch for some fruit gathering. Commit to spending an afternoon of exchanging stories and reaching for the ripest apples or the biggest pumpkins. Basket? Check! Wine? Check! Pie Making Later? Check!

Enjoy the County Fair

Nothing will put a smile on your face quite like funnel cake and a roller coaster. Bring the kid out in each other while playing games, riding rides, and running into old friends. Be sure to share a romantic kiss at the top of the ferris wheel, while linking arms and never letting go.

Rock Out At A Music Festival

Cut off sweatshirts, mosh pits, and your favorite artists, sound like the starter kit for great memories. Get the perfect USie while laying on the grass or in front of the festivals main stage. Ten years from now – you’ll be able to tell your kids about the time dad was so wasted that he got on stage and practically performed with Drake.

Make Some Spiked Apple Cider 

Four hands, two brains, and one bottle of rum is all you need to make a piping hot pot of spiked apple cider. Fill your house with the fragrance of cinnamon and spice, while binge watching and sipping the warm beverage on a chilly evening.

Football Game & Tailgating

Pick a team and rep your city! Place a bet and stick to it, as you cheer on the team of your choice. You and bae can whisk through the tailgating grounds for some delicious grill fare – then join the sea of fans in section C row 15.

Visit A Haunted House

Nothing tells you more about a person than how they react to being scared – are they calmly handling the situation or frantic and belligerent . Have your bae screaming boo at a haunted house, as they get closer to you with every scare.