We have this love affair going on with all things metallic so when we came across these awesome Easter eggs that were decorated with metallics colors we just had to share.

1.  Metallic Glitter Eggs anyone?  Whose better than Martha and what better way to start this post?  Find the DIY step by setp via Martha Stewart {Here}

2.  Leave the food coloring and grab the gold foil.  Very easy to do and found on Sugar and Charm {Here}

3.  This is such an awesome idea!  You get to use the scraps of the whole puncher that you usually throw away and any colored metallic or glitter paper that you want!.  Be creative, may use a heart shaped whole puncher for example. Find the DIY details on She Makes a Home {Here}

4.  How adorable are these metallic marble eggs?   These marble eggs will surely make your Easter Egg Hunt festive.  Click {Here} to find out how to make them.  Spotted on She Knows.

5.  We found the blue and metallic gold eggs on Better Homes and Gardens.  Click {Here} for the directions

6.  We love the colors and designs on these metallic beauties found on Miss Renaissance.  Interested in giving this a try?  Click {Here} for the DIY tutorial.

7.  These grafitti eggs will be a great family project because it allows you to be creative and make your own design.  Found on Paper and Stich {Here}.  Concept, photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

8.  I know what your thinking.  These are not metallic!  But these nail polish eggs can be metallic if you add a metallic colored nail polish.  This is a great DIY project becuase you will most likely already have all the materials in your home.  We found this on Hello Natural {Here}.

9.  These Gold Polka Dot DIY eggs are perfect for the spring!  Found on Studio DIY {Here}

10.  We save the more legthy DIY project for last.  These golden seismography Easter eggs are amazing but the step by step is pretty lengthy.  You can find it on Aunt Peaches {Here}

Happy Easter Coordinated Brides!