~It’s the Final Countdown~

Okay, I know that was cheesy, but so am I lol. We leave for Mexico in 3 days and say I Do in 9! WOAH how did we get here? I remember when we had 365 days on our countdown blocks! Excited is an understatement! I’ve had so many feelings in the last week. My Fiancé describes them as Manic (how rude) I describe them as normal. We are getting married in MEXICO…I can’t send someone to Target for the things I forgot, I must have it all packed in these crates and bags! I have made several lists and checked them twice daily for the last week. As I type this, I feel very calm and very ready to go. I am a planner and have had checklists for everyone and everything for months, so I don’t feel like we are scrambling at all, just trying to get everything packed!

~Crazy in Love~

Wedding planning has been more enjoyable than one would expect. Since we are having a destination wedding a lot of the big decisions had to be made upfront so that broke up the crazy a bit. I was able to focus on some major things while I was still riding the high from engagement, so it wasn’t bad at all. If you have read all my entries, you know my Groomzilla was the biggest stressor! He must “sit with” everything for at least a week before he can decide what he wants. It drove me crazy for the last 16 months and here we are, days away and waiting for him to pick a song, LOL he is still driving me crazy. In these last days I am trying to evoke a calm spirit and truly let go. We have put in the work, I know it’s going to be amazing!

~When I first Saw You~

More than ANYTHING I am looking forward to Terrence seeing me in my dress!! I am who my seamstress deemed a “bootylicious, curvy bride,” so it took 10 fittings to get that dress to FIT! I am in love and I want Terrence to feel everything I’ve imagined since finding the dress nearly a year ago. I knew it was “the one, because I got the same feeling I had when he proposed. No tears (crazy because I cry often), no shock, just a strong since of calm and this out of body experience.

Sidebar: I am not a traditional plus size bride but my booty kind of is. When I was dress shopping, most of them could not fit over my butt or they were 10 sizes too big so I couldn’t really see how they would fit. The consultants kept apologizing and praising my body, but I didn’t care…I LOVE my body and I LOVE my shape. The point here is if you don’t do the work to love yourself, the dress buying process can be a little tough. I would suggest going to a larger city and a moderately sized boutique so you can enjoy your experience no matter where you are in the process of loving yourself and your body!

Another thing I am excited about is celebrating with everyone! A big factor in our selection of a destination wedding was that we wanted to spend time with our guests. There are not many times in life where you have all your favorite people in one place! We have planned a weekend of events and set aside time for us to really catch up with everyone and we absolutely can’t wait 😊

~That’s What Everybody Say~

You’ve all heard it a million times but here’s to a million and one…the time will fly by, so try to enjoy it. Our Pre-Marital counselor asked us “what was the point of our wedding day?” I said, “to get married.” She said, “okay, so as long as you are married at the end of the day, it was a success, right?” I have taken that simple approach with everything since. It has helped me slow down, get out of the details and really enjoy every moment…even putting stickers on 100 tumblers lol. I only plan to do this once so just like my proposal (see JE #1), I plan to be present and take in everything!

XOXO, The Future Mrs. Jordan

 P.S. Its 33 degrees in Atlanta…I may change this flight and leave NOW!!!