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We’ve asked 33 of the world’s most influential wedding pros which wedding trends are absolute musts at this year’s Wedding Masterclass Online Summit.

Newly engaged? Congratulations, girl! This is your time to bask in the glow. Whether you’ve picked up a sparkly new ring over the holidays or you’ve been engaged for a while, you’re likely dreaming about the big day. But wedding planning is no easy feat, especially with wedding trends changing as quickly as Kylie Jenner’s lipstick.   However, it doesn’t have to be confusing.   If you’re looking for inspiration or want a sneak peek at the wedding trends taking 2019 by storm, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Starting on January 14th and lasting for 7 days, The Wedding Masterclass Online Summit is one of the biggest online events in the wedding world where couples and wedding professionals from across the globe are given behind-the-scenes access to the leading wedding influencers of the industry. Each day, celebrity and award-winning wedding professionals including wedding planners, florists, photographers, makeup & fashion artists from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, India and more are giving free Masterclasses to help you create the wedding of your dreams. These are the innovators creating the exquisite weddings everyone gushes over on Pinterest and Instagram. And they’re unveiling the trends and advice to create your unique love story beautifully and authentically.  The Wedding Masterclass Online Summit might not be a crystal ball, but it’s got its fingers on the pulse of the wedding world. So, let’s dive in with 3 scorching hot wedding trends to create an unforgettable day.

Nature is the new Neutral

No matter what season, Mother Nature is being invited as an honored guest to weddings all over the world. Couples and wedding professionals are embracing the outdoors like never before and Nature is a key ceremonial and celebration theme.  Although it’s been popular for boho-chic decor for sometime, couples of all styles are using the magic of Nature. Nothing weaves romance into a room like thickets of greenery and flowers.  And it doesn’t have to look hippy-dippy– the beauty of Nature is its versatility.  You can easily create a look that sets you apart and expresses your unique love story.

Elegant Purple & Gold Oheka Castle Wedding

As couples choose their wedding ceremony and reception venues, they are frequently searching for outdoor spaces where they can celebrate under the sky.   A vibrant sunset and a canopy of stars create an enchanting setting for love. If weather or season doesn’t allow, the outdoors are being brought inside as we saw with the British Royals’ weddings in 2018.

Wedding Officiant, Alisa Tongg, owns a gorgeous outdoor space specifically made for micro-weddings.  Over the last year, she’s seen this trend becoming extremely popular,

“I noticed that if people weren’t getting married or having their ceremony in a beautiful, natural setting, they were creating a natural setting indoors wherever they were. Couples a re being thoughtful about creating a space for their nuptials. Whether it’s a flower wall, a living wall, or a beautiful and inspiring natural backdrop, they want to inspire their guests to take photos” she says.

Daniel Spires, the Venue Manager at The Estate at CherokeeDock (which used to be the amazing Reba McEntire’s residence) is seeing couples use the natural setting of venues as their backdrops.  If you’re marrying somewhere with natural beauty it can be the perfect compliment to your day.  You don’t need something complex to create a stunning setting for photos; manicured lawns, lakes, gardens, forests, and beaches can all be fabulous canvases. Daniel shares,

Crimson & Candlelight Texas Wedding

“Sometimes it’s twilight and there are candles, leaves, flowers, and accents. People are now leveraging  nature at weddings.  They’re hanging swings with florals in trees. They’re doing lots of tree lighting versus your  traditional wash and pin spots. We’re getting a lot more of that natural non-scripted feel. And the nice thing about that is, it’s included in your venue costs. You can really cut down from a cost-savings perspective if you find one of these well-curated home-away-from-home type venues.”

Nature is also being brought inside with color palettes that  look like the outdoors; think vibrant greens of a meadow, grey-brown tree bark, dusty sandstone, or rich terracotta. Textures like wood and rock look fantastic  with soft linens in buttery creams or sharp whites. Greenery should be lush, full, and bountiful– go big or go home is the mantra for this trend! Use Eucalyptus, Palmetto, Amaranthus, or Pampas Grass to create the feeling you’re outside.  Plus, you don’t need a lot of florals for this look to work–strategically placed, bright flowers will add a pop of color that feels luxe and abundant.

Glamorous Downtown Chicago Wedding

It’s All About That Wow

All of the Masterclass wedding professionals mentioned one trend that couples are determined to create regardless of style– the wow factor. Brides and grooms are more determined than ever to make their guest’s jaws-drop, and they’re doing it in fun and out-of-the-box ways. While adding traditional elements is still popular, couples are designing their unique love story with fun and exciting details that express their personal tastes, passions, and lifestyles.

Couples aren’t just throwing an epic wedding party. They want an experience. They want to create a day that reflects them with interactive experiences for their guests. For example, brides and grooms are working with mixologists to create bespoke cocktails that represent them as a couple. Cigar lounges, bourbon bars, and luxurious relaxation areas are being used to inspire conversation between family and friends. Small areas throughout the space are created for guests to connect with the celebration. According to  award-winning Wedding Designer, Jove Meyer,

“We’re seeing collaborative experiences. Things like interactive oyster shuckers on site instead of stations where you go help yourself. They’re creating these moments where you’re interacting with someone and learning something.” 

Destination Wedding Photographer, Brian Leahy has also  noticed this trend adding,

“I’m seeing more experiential food. Couples are doing live food stations. I shot a wedding last night where they did a live fettuccine station. They had a huge Parmesan cheese wheel and they were cooking the pasta inside it tableside for the guests.”

Couples are also adding fabulous entertainment for their wedding guests. Instead of a traditional dinner and dance, couples are getting brave and bold. Lawn games, sketch artists, silent discos, and video booths are raising the bar. Brian also adds,

“I see more budgets going towards entertainment and experiences for the guests, the bridal party, and family. Whether that’s a guys’ skeet shooting trip the morning of the wedding,  or it’s a bluegrass band instead of a DJ for a rehearsal night.  Anything that’s more interactive. “

This is one trend that’s only going to get bigger and better. When you’re planning your day, brainstorm how your love story can be brought to life with interactive experiences that wow your guests. Are you a die-hard yogi? Host a yoga class before your bridal lunch. Did you fall in love at karaoke night? Drum up some fun with a singing competition after the  rehearsal dinner. Create little moments of awe and wonder throughout the reception with make-your-own-sundae bars, donut walls, or food trucks. Hire interactive food tray servers to bring pizza, sushi, or cotton candy to you as you shimmy on the dance-floor. These are the experiences your guests will remember long after the cake is cut.

Elegant Purple & Gold Oheka Castle Wedding

You Do You, Boo

One trend wedding professionals have been begging their couples for is picking up steam: personalization.  For years, wedding pros have been wanting couples to bring more of themselves into the day and finally,  couples are listening.  Brides and grooms everywhere are ditching the cookie-cutter wedding for a celebration that authentically expresses their personal style, tastes, and passions.

 Cozy Virginia Bed & Breakfast Wedding

Let’s be real; this is your day and it should be about you! Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to put your personal spin on the celebration you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re sleek and chic, quirky and cool, or glitz n’ glam, you get to create the definition of romance on your special day.

Your wedding is a symbol of your journey you’re taking together as one. It’s about embracing your personal stories and celebrating them. Express your uniqueness by painting an authentic picture of your hopes, dreams, and characters woven throughout the wedding narrative. But how do you do that?

Hot Air Balloon Themed Brunch Wedding

First step? Click off the Pinterest wedding boards. LA-based Wedding Planner, Percy Sales says that when a client comes to him and says,

“This is the wedding I want. I found it on Pinterest,” his response is, “But that’s someone else’s wedding, so why would you want that for your own wedding?”

He and many of the other wedding professionals we interviewed for 2019’s Wedding Masterclass Online Summit say that couples are finally thinking, “what am I going to do for myself?”  rather than “what has someone else done?” Some of the Wedding Planners we spoke with also mentioned that couples are finding inspiration in pieces of art, fashion images, their favorite vacation destinations, food they ate on dates and their family traditions. Some incorporate their cute inside-jokes into the theme. Concept Wedding Designs owner, Joanna Adam has seen this shift in many weddings lately. She adds,

“I’ve seen a lot of people bring in their own items into the decor. Couples are saying, ‘we’ve got this beautiful lamp that we’ve brought back from India. We’d love to use this because our whole family knows we’ve traveled around the world’.”

While couples in the past felt self-conscious about startinga family before marriage or taking another unconventional path to the altar,couples today are celebrating their diversity. Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Briannah Jayde calls her brides “Demons” and loves this new wave of individuality.

“When I was growing up, you had to wear a big dress. A big, pretty, white dress. And you had to be a princess on that day.  These girls today, they are being demons on their day.  Setting their own trends and taking it to the  next level,”  she says.

Don’t be afraid to showcase what’s made you the couple you are today. This is your time to shine and sparkle.

Whether you’ve planned everything down to the dinnerware or you’re just starting out, The Wedding Masterclass Online Summit has something to help you create wedding magic. With 33 wedding professionals from all niches and all corners of the globe, you’ll find tips and advice to help you create a day you’ll always cherish (and make your friends a little jealous). From Kaley Cuoco’s cake artist to Kim Kardashian’s event planner, you’ll scoop up the same advice these wedding professionals give to their star-studded couples.

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Article By Kathryn Porritt, CEO of Weddings Inc.