Destiny and Miles got married on a beautiful October Autumn day.  They said their vows in front of family, friends and God at the Reedy Fork Baptist Church.  They are both pretty traditional with a modern twist so they made sure that they did pre-marital counseling with Miles’ family’s pastor who also married them.  For the modern twist their reception followed at the The Loom at Cotton Mill Place, an old cotton mill that was restored with its original wood and added accents.

Both Miles and Destiny share their very interesting journey below and I’m not sure which versions I believe, lol.  Either way you can tell from their stories and the beautiful images from photographer Ryan Barnett that Miles and Destiny are right where they belong, together.  

Our Love Story  

(His Version)

Ok so here is the real story…..

It was the fall semester of 2010 at the University of South Carolina. At the beginning of every fall semester the Association of African American Students has a “Welcome Back” cookout. It was there where I first saw Destiny. She was a new face on campus and I thought to myself “oh she’s cute” but that was it. Destiny’s mentors, Erin and Bianca, happen to be friends with my line brothers Tim and Ramon so I would occasionally sit with them and a few other people (Maurice, Kitia, Bree, Brie, Jared) in the Russell House in between classes. Sometimes Destiny would be at the table with them, and she introduced herself to me so that’s when I first officially met her. So I initially thought she was a really preppy girl because she was wearing a Northface jacket and Jack Rogers, but then she began talking and thought, “ok this girl is a little ratchet” LOL.

So fast forward to the Spring Semester of 2011. I was in the Russell House with the crew, and Bree asked me “so Miles how do you like your milk, plain or with some chocolate in it or a lot of chocolate?” as she tried to figure out what my “type” was. Then Kitia says “we know someone who likes you….Destiny.” I was thinking “hmmm I don’t know.” About a month later I decided to text her but the craziest thing happened….she ignored my text. But that’s alright… since I’m a persistent person I texted her again a few days later. Fast forward to the USC Football Game. It was big game because we were playing Auburn University when Cam Newton played, who would go on to win the National Championship. I remember it like it was yesterday. Someone brought BBQ to the tailgate and it gave me food poison. That’s the truth, I don’t care what anyone says, I got sick from some bad BBQ lol. Destiny made sure I made it home. The next day I thought to myself “wow I got a good one” so I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend, and the rest is history.

(Her Version)

Miles and I have always had mutual friends and met at the University of South Carolina where we both graduated from. My friends “officially” introduced us in the Russell House and we exchanged phone numbers. That was Spring 2011. One night he invited me to his place to hang out. Always on the defense I replied via text saying, “like what does hang out mean?” He said, “to talk and get to know each other.”

My friends dropped me off while they attended a kickback in the same apartment complex. When I got there, he pulled out a chair and asked me to sit down while he sat on his bed. With the TV and lights on we exchanged questions and soon learned we were from the same hometown. That hour seemed like 5 minutes and I didn’t want it to end. The way he attentively listened was so refreshing and truly like no one I had ever met before. As I was leaving, Miles grabbed the sunglasses off my head that I loved to wear and said, “you’ll have to see me again if you want these back.” We both went home for the summer and started going on dates and spending a lot of time together.

Miles and I continued dating in the fall, and October 2011 he asked me to be his girlfriend. I eventually got those sunglasses back.


(His Version)

I knew I wanted to propose to Destiny but I didn’t know when or how. Our annual tradition was to spend New Year’s Eve with Niko & Nay. One year prior, Niko asked Destiny and I to be present during that special night when he proposed. So I decided that I would propose on New Year’s Eve with our friends Niko & Nay. Since it was an annual tradition I knew Destiny wouldn’t expect it.

So fast forward to the day of the proposal. Everything is going as planned as we headed to the restaurant for dinner. Anyone who knows Destiny knows that she loves to take pictures, so in my mind I figured that would be a great time to pop the question.   However, for some reason Destiny did not want to take a picture. I remember thinking, “ok Destiny you’re messing everything up.” LOL!    So being the quick thinker that I am, I decided to improvise. So I got down on one knee, and asked the love of my life to be my wife!

(Her Version)

It’s a yearly tradition that Miles and I spend New Years Eve together. The past few years we’ve spent it with our friends Niko and Nay. We usually do some fine dining, share our resolutions and stay out for the night to bring in the new year. In 2015 we spent NYE in Savannah, Georgia. 2016 we picked Charlotte, North Carolina because Niko and Nay live there.

Nay and I share so many things in common, including our love for sushi. She told me about this spot named Upstream that could make our favorite sushi roll (they changed the restaurant twice but I never expected anything). I ended up knowing one of the head chefs because I did a food segment at another one of his restaurants in Columbia so we were able to try so many things. (Everyone knows I’m a true foodie). As we were leaving, the boys and Nay said let’s take pics in front of this pretty fountain we passed on the way walking to the restaurant. It was especially cold that evening and Miles kept fidgeting with his blazer before we tried posing for our pic. As I told him to stay still and annoyingly gave him some major side eye….well… *my eyes got wider…. he was down on one knee grinning from ear to ear!

“Destiny Lacha’ Chance the past 5 years…” and to be honest ya’ll I zoned out. I got lost in his smile, the sound of the pretty fountain in the background, questioning if he tripped and fell and accidentally proposed LOL. While he was down on that one knee I remember him saying how beautiful I am, how we’ve grown exponentially, and how he loves me so much. But the blaring question, “will you marry me?” felt so unreal to actually hear. We have talked about our future for years -including marriage but truly seeing him take the next step made me feel like I was floating.

If you’ve seen the video on my Instagram (black and white video) you’ll notice my breath getting hollow and my body becoming super still. You’ll also notice that Miles grabbed my right hand instead of my left because your boy was super nervous. Despite all of that, of course I said yes. I’m the luckiest woman in the world. The way Miles loves me, adores my family, the support he shows and the way he leads makes me thank God every moment I get. I’m blessed our foundation started with our faith in the Lord. Miles is truly phenomenal and one of a kind!

The Wedding

Every element completed our vision for the wedding theme, “Southern Elegance”. We were both born and raised in South Carolina so from the home cooking, to playing outside with family, planting cherry trees, and hanging out in the country we’ve both experienced that. Together we’ve developed our own style and interpretation of elegance. For me, I think it means “ladylike”. My late Mema (grandmother) always said, “be a lady”. And Miles, my husband is the perfect example of a “southern gentleman”. A good country boy with swag, confidence, and mystery only I can unfold. He has this kindness and gentleness that’s shared with everyone he meets and it’s how we both align. So southern elegance, well it’s in how you make yourself presentable before walking outside, it’s sending thank you notes and always showing gratitude, but most of all loving people as hard as you can, despite what people can and can’t do for you. I’m confident everyone could feel the love and prayer and our union on this special day. I keep looking at our photos, like wow everyone embodied this theme and more than anything they were so supportive of our bond!

My dress has many embellishments but most of all, pearls! My favorite stone. So precious, classic, and timeless. You’ll see that element throughout the entire wedding. I didn’t want super detailed jewelry because again, pearls say and do so much, without effort. My Mema loved pearls too. I have a sign on my work desk a friend made me in college that says, “Keep Calm and Wear Pearls” actually!

We’ve been together for 7 years, and have never broken up, ever. October is perfect for many reasons. Our dating anniversary is 10.30.11. Now our wedding anniversary will be 10.6.18. How magical! The crisp fall air and the smell of the seasons changing while our love stays constant was the type of love I’ve always wanted. I cherish that and I know he does too. He tells me that everyday.

The Joys and Pitfalls of the Journey to the Altar & Advice for Future Coordinated Brides

He (Miles) works for Google and I’m a news anchor so the little details didn’t slip through the cracks! I had my dress and bridesmaids dresses picked out more than a year beforehand because I knew exactly what I wanted. But as the wedding day moved closer and closer, I really let my wedding coordinator Katrina take over. The wedding was in SC, and we live in TX so it was hard to not think of plans frequently. Staying organized really helped. Miles was also pretty hands on! He came up with Google spreadsheets and documents so we could keep track of how much we were spending, what else was left to do, RSVPs, etc. If any details did slip, his family and my family (now one) worked so hard to make sure our day was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. One of my bridesmaids Natalya (who I mentioned earlier) got married last year. She grabbed my phone early Saturday and forwarded all my calls to my sister’s phone. My phone was also on “do not disturb” so I didn’t have to deal with anyone but the wedding party and truly bask in the moment. I didn’t get on Instagram, Snapchat or any social media to take a peek at guests, I was really present. I think that’s why the photos turned out so well. I was focused on the day.

The biggest joy was obviously marrying the man of my dreams. I mean that with every bone in my body. Miles and I used to drive in cars in school that had no heat or air. Small town, big dreams -and to watch our careers grow at the same time our love hit a huge milestone was everything. (I was promoted a few weeks before the wedding, and moved to TX to relocate with Miles earlier in 2018). A lot of the people you see in the wedding party have watched us transition into many stages of our lives. To have them be part of our wedding day was precious and I don’t take that for granted. The engagement process has taught me a lot about myself too. If you have an issue – address it. If you’re missing something or someone – make it right, and at the end of the day, you have your partner to lean on when the sparklers fade out and the guests leave. It’s all about the foundation. I give all glory to God. And I know my Mema has had her hand in this. For better or worse!  If we had to go back to struggling, because there will be hard times, for better or worse I’ll happily be there. We humble one another and make each other better.

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer: Ryan Barnett @rbarntt ||  Second Shooter:  Justin Pettis @justin.j.pettis  ||  Bride: @DestinyOnFOX7  ||  Groom: @6miles_away  ||  Catering:  Reeve’s Catering (Greenville, SC) ||  DJ:  Bryant Kirk White (Charlotte, NC)  @omtbhweddings  ||  Hair: Cenovie Gadsen (Charlotte, NC) @nov_thestylist  ||  Makeup: Yanneek Brinson (Charlotte, NC)  @yanneekbrinson_  ||  Customized Snapchat Filter and Design: Liana Miller (NYC) @lianamiller  || Florals and Coordination:  Katrina Sullivan (Greenville, SC) @tlove0811  ||  Wedding Dress: Tiffinie Bleu Bridal Boutique – Brandy Gibson (Augusta, GA)  @tbbridal  || Bridesmaids, Hostesses, Junior Bridesmaids dresses:   Tiffinie Bleu Bridal Boutique – Brandy Gibson (Augusta, GA)  @tbbridal  ||  Groom’s Tux and Groomsmen – Men’s Warehouse @menswearhouse || Cake:  Kathy & Company (Traveler’s Rest, SC)