This serene “Over the Moon” Adoption Shower was a dream come true for both the designer and her family member turned client. This is a first for us as we’ve never featured an adoption shower before. We were first drawn to the images but the story behind the images is one that will remain in our hearts forever. Congratulations to Dawn and her husband Ed and the entire family.

From Event Designer & Host, Angela Gossard (owner of Endearing Events)

“From as long as I can remember, my husband’s aunt Dawn has longed to be a mother. She naturally has a special way about her that is elegant, nurturing, and supportive. Together with her husband Ed, she informed our family in late 2019 that they were “over the moon” to begin the journey of adopting a baby girl. From that moment, I knew I wanted to host a celebration in her honor. She has always encouraged, uplifted, and motivated my husband to strive for success and reach for the stars ever since he was a child, so it was the least I could do to show her and Ed that we support them, just as they have always done for us.

Ed and Dawn were married in 2012 and were both in their early forties at the time of their marriage. This was Dawn’s first marriage and despite trying, natural motherhood did not come to her. However, from the moment I met her I could see the longing in her eyes to be called “mom”. Ed was married previously, and has two beautiful adult children, Holly and Kyle. His son, Kyle, was active in The United States Army, and tragically passed away on May 2, 2020. Despite their broken hearts, Ed, Dawn, and Holly have progressed through the adoption journey in such an honorable manner, even while mourning the loss of Kyle. They have continued to strive through the journey of helping a child in need, while grieving their own. This selflessness alone is a true testament of Dawn and Ed’s character.

Dawn’s personal style is elegant and chic, so I wanted this event in her honor to resemble her sophistication, while also remaining in line with the early November date. As a local wedding planner, I designed the event around the way she announced the news to our family – with the theme “Over the Moon”. Dawn did not know the theme of the event until she received her own invitation in the mail! Additionally, she was not aware of any detail prior to the day of the shower, with the exception of the invitation details and color palette. I paired blush and white accents, to focus on the baby girl, with a chic celestial palette including pale yellow, orange and gold. It was exceptional that these colors also tied in with the landscape of the season and the sunset of the late afternoon.

I began the design of this event by developing a design board and color palette that I knew Dawn would find tastefully elegant, yet unique. I then purchased the invitation template from HavenPCo on Etsy and edited the template to fit the details of the “support shower” as I referenced it. I included a “Books for Baby” card in each envelope with an adorable rhyming poem that I created, and finished the invitation with a line regarding a dress code of either taupe or white clothing. The goal of providing a color code was to have all the guests in a light color, with Dawn dressed in a different color to signify her role as the Guest of Honor. This played out very well in photos, as Dawn was dressed in a beautiful Jonathan Simkhai open-back knit dress in the color caramel, and guests were in an ombre of light colored clothing.

Maria of Minor Details by Maria hand wrote the Welcome Sign, Menu, and Custom Cocktails sign, which were both elegantly placed for viewing at the entrance of the event. Behind the Custom Cocktails sign was the floral wall I handmade in my kitchen just days before! It was such an elegant addition to the gift table and received numerous compliments.

The visual focus of this event was Evans Lake, which is a very prominent lake in our community. Dawn and Ed own a picturesque home directly on the water, which made for an unparalleled background. Aligning with the prestige of this lake, it is rare for an event to be held directly on the water because it is mostly private property. For this reason, this afternoon soirée was a once-in-a-lifetime event for the guests, and they absolutely relished in this experience. I overheard many saying as they were seated, “I feel like we are in The Hamptons!” The scenic view was complete with light music in the background as we mingled, comprised of a very well thought out playlist – each song mentioned stars or the moon in the lyrics, such as an acoustic version of Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra and A Sky Full of Stars by Boyce Avenue (originally by Coldplay).

Sarah of Petersburg Petals brought my floral vision to life by pairing fresh roses, ranunculus, and peonies, among other beautiful blooms, in the blush pink, pale yellow, orange, and white color palette. She tied in the accent color gold by utilizing a gold vessel for the floral arrangements from Accent Decor. I personally designed and created the white hydrangea and white rose floral wall to life, with the help of Ed and my husband. Jessica of Baked by Jess created the delicious chocolate cake (Dawn’s favorite!) with a blush pink design, complete with gold foil, in a simple, yet modern fashion. The cake was completed with a delicate moon cake topper. Baked by Jess also baked the delicious moon shaped cookies and macarons, which I designed with the sleepy face, and entrusted in her to create! I also developed the idea of having moon shaped place cards. After locating a wood shop online, I ordered 6” moons, and then hand painted and sanded them twice for a perfect finish. When completed, I had Maria handwrite each guest’s name for their seating placement.

I worked with the caterer, Blue Wolf Events, and coordinated a menu to reflect an autumn affair, complete with a fall flavored sangria that paired perfectly with the color palette as well. I also designed three custom cocktails to serve at the event, which were each pink in color and delicious in taste! As guests entered the event, they were welcomed with passed French Rose Champagne garnished with a pink sugar rim and a mini blush rose, in addition to a blush swirl raspberry macaron.

The goal of Dawn’s Adoption Shower was to show our support to her goal of becoming a mother, just as she has always shown to our family and our goals. I wanted this event to be just as special as the occasion. The theme “Over the Moon” tied in perfect, knowing motherhood has been a lifelong dream for her. My family and I cannot wait for the lengthy adoption process to conclude, so Dawn and Ed can bring home one lucky little baby girl! We will shower her with love, support, and motivation to follow her dreams, just as Dawn and Ed have always done for us.”

Vendor Collaboration

Caterer: Blue Wolf Events // Calligrapher: Minor Details by Maria // Bakery: Baked by Jess // Event Planner: Endearing Events // Floral Designer: Petersburg Petals // Design and Decor: Endearing Events // Photographer: Bree Thompson Photography //
Submitted via Two Bright Lights