Once we officially decided on a destination wedding, we knew we needed a way to celebrate with our loved ones that could not attend. I was 100% against doing anything after the wedding {hear me…no cooking, cleaning, traveling NOTHING}, so we had to get creative. My parents wanted to host, so a celebration in the backyard was a natural choice. We decided to make it a Couples shower so that I didn’t get alllll the shine lol! I created an inspiration board for my mom and man did she deliver. Whatever she couldn’t rent or buy she had made–she truly brought my vision to life.

We had about 80 people in and out celebrating us over drinks, food and despite my request, games. My local bridesmaids really came through in the weeks leading up to the shower and made sure my parents didn’t have to lift a finger once the shower started. My hair was done so my abilities to help were limited; would you believe they let that fly as an excuse LOL?! This Bride thing gives you passes that birthdays and graduations could NEVER!!

The shower was truly amazing, and it really confirmed we made the right decision to have a destination wedding. Having only one day meant we needed to work the room. We couldn’t run off to twerk to a jam or give a full life update without interruption. We had to show and receive love from everyone in a few short hours. I am really excited to have an extended weekend celebration in Mexico with enough time to catch-up and twerk to all my jams 😊


The Future Mrs. Jordan

Ps. Rhi (refer to last post) surprised me at the shower!! I had a bridal meltdown and practically cursed her out for missing all the wedding events, when little did I know she had been planning that trip all along. It was amazing to have her by my side. She made sure I ate, had flats and lip gloss popping all night 😊