We are excited to catch up with 2019 Guest Bride Blogger Aleah, who tied the knot in Mexico back on November 10, 2019. You can read her journey to the altar and prior journal entries (Here}, then grab your coffee and enjoy her wedding post mortem entry below!

What A Dream

We have been married for almost 6 months and a chunk of that time has been spent inside our home–good thing he is my best friend!  COVID-19 certainly threw a wrench in the Newlywed turn up, but being still and spending intimate time together has allowed us to dig deep and really carve out a plan for our family and relationship. Despite the bright sides, it is tough, and a mental escape to the happiest day of my life is just what this wife needs. 😊


As soon as we arrived in Mexico, I knew we had made the right decision to have a Destination Wedding. We decided to go 6 days before the wedding, to relax and let go of the pressures that came along with a new home and planning a wedding—best idea the hubby had all year lol.

Friday – Welcome Party

We had a lowkey gathering at the Lobby Bar overlooking the entire resort. It gave us a scheduled opportunity welcome our guest and give them all a chance to get acquainted with one another.

Saturday – Rehearsal Dinner

We had all our guest join us for a Mexican buffet on the beach the night before and this is when we knew the reception was going to be LIT!! Laughs, love, pictures and shots, set the tone for the fun we expected the following night. My husband saw these light-up letters a few nights before and had to have them for the beach…I was hesitant, but they were a true game changer. We needed the extra light and they were the perfect backdrop for pictures…2nd best idea he had all year lol

The Big Day

My mom stayed with me the night before and surprisingly, I was able to fall asleep. I got an early start, so I had some quiet time before everything started. I prayed, transferred my vows from my phone to my book and tried to just relax. My sister was the first to arrive and helped get the room ready for hair and makeup. I had breakfast with my parents just to thank them and not have to be thrown into the mix too early. Getting there was soooo funny. I couldn’t be stressed if I wanted to. My sister and the best man had people situated along my 2 min walk to make sure all was clear. I had to call for an “all clear” before I stepped out of each room, I felt like Michelle Obama lol! Now this is where the “drama” begins. Once I got back to my room it started pouring down raining…POURING DOWN! For some reason I wasn’t freaking out, I was like we have plenty of time…4 hours later… in walks the wedding planner. I had to decide to move the ceremony inside or hope for the best, I had a 90 second break down. For an entire year I pictured my husband seeing me walk down the stairs, now you are telling me that won’t happen.  I let the tears fall, my ladies surrounded me with prayers, affirmations and love. I let go of my vision, told her to move it all inside, took a sip of champagne and let my makeup artist get to work. The goal was to get married; we were getting married!

The rain stopped, I got some great pictures and right before it was time to leave the bridal suite, I hear “are you ready for your stairs?” They had enough time to move the ceremony back outside…all is well…or not…

I get to the top of the stairs for my grand entrance and they played the WRONG SONG! The good news is while they were scrambling, my nerves settled, and I was truly able to take in the beauty of the moment. A groomsman later described this moment as: “something out of a Disney movie! You appeared and it was like the clouds parted and sun was directly on you, it was so dramatic and beautiful!” I gracefully make it down the stairs to my dad who is bawling lol. “Stop it, I need to walk and not cry dad,” “I’m trying baby girl you are just so beautiful.” I get halfway down the aisle and see Terrence is crying, at this moment I want to run to my man and dry those tears lol that made my dad laugh and get me to slow down. I got to see faces and feel, it was so amazing. The ceremony was beautiful, I was so lost in love, I saw nothing but him from the moment he took my hand…what a time!!

The reception was a PARTY! Do you hear me, a PARTY!! We had so much fun, we extended it another hour before it was even over! I was so blinded by love that if it wasn’t for the pictures, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what any of it looked like. I was in the moment; I was feeling, being, and enjoying my first night as Mrs. Jordan.

Having an entire weekend with 107 people who loved us is unlike anything I had ever experienced. I had the BEST time! All of guest still talk about it being the best time! There is not one thing I would change! It was PERFECT despite the glitches.

Life as the Jordans

We came back to our brand-new home on a real high! We relaxed and really took it easy as we prepared to host my family for Christmas. We have had a lot of time to talk and really spend time growing spiritually and mentally while we “shelter in place.” Being a Psychologist, my husband has always been great at communication, but we have dug deeper and really explored the actions necessary to fluently speak each other’s love languages. It is beautiful, exciting and so rewarding to have this love during such a scary time but especially for the rest of my life!


Mrs. Jordan