Dylan and Janae’ tied the knot last year at the Milestone Mansion in Texas.  Their wedding coordinated various shards of gold, ivory, red and blush pink and made for a wonder event that all of their friends and family will remember forever.

How they Met – I call it Fate

In the beginning of 2009, Dylan’s older brother, Taylor, recruited him to become a door-to-door salesman for Southwestern Advantage. Dylan moved to Ohio his first summer, sold books, returned home to recruit during school, and then moved to Florida to sell again for a second summer in 2010. In early 2011, Janae’ was recruited to do the same thing! She moved to Ohio, sold books, and returned home and recruited during school as well.

They did the same thing, in almost the same place, just two years apart!  During her time selling in Ohio, Taylor joined Janae’s team as one of her managers. Taylor was assigned to coach Janae’ and others throughout the remainder of the summer. The following Fall, after returning from Ohio, they would have “family dinners” with the entire team that had sold books.  As Taylor’s roommate and past book slinger, Dylan joined those dinners and it was there that the girl in the blue dress (Janae’) caught his eye.

Janae’ noticed Dylan right away as well. She distinctly remembers pulling the host of the get-together aside to ask who the extremely cute guy was that Taylor brought along. They saw each other a couple of times and came up with reasons to talk to each other. They even went to a scary movie with their friends, not because they wanted to or planned to see it, but because they knew the other would be there.  Shortly after that movie, Janae’ was impressed with how easy it was to get along with Dylan. She needed to ask someone to be her date to a ZTA date party and the first person that came to mind was Dylan.

After calling Taylor to see if he thought Dylan would be interested, without Janae’s knowledge, Dylan was listening in on speakerphone and he gave the thumbs up. Janae’ asked him to join her and he of course said yes. The date party was a hit! They had such a blast dancing and laughing, they closed the bar down and were one of the last few people to finally leave the venue. They did we not want the night to ever end.

The proposal from Dylan’s perspective:

First off, as far as the ring is concerned…thank God for Pinterest and a friend in the jewelry business. After I got that part accomplished, I knew I wanted to throw a surprise party. I got in touch with Janae’s out of town friends and determined they all could make it here a little over a month and a half from then. As we all know planning a party can be quite the undertaking, so what better way to plan the surprise party than asking her mother, aunt, and friends to do it for me!  Luckily, Caitie (Janae’s co-maid-of-honor) has a step-mother that is a professional photographer. I called her and asked her to be at the proposal to capture the moment. In order to tie back to College Station, where we met, I knew I wanted to incorporate the Messina Hof Winery into the evening of the proposal. Luckily, Grapevine has a local branch on Main Street. Grapevine also has a botanical garden with a giant tree that had been around since before the signing of the Constitution. That also has a similar tie back to Texas A&M with the Century Tree in the middle of campus.  With everything set, now I just had to come up with an excuse for us to get dressed up and go out there. We made a date night that Saturday and headed to Main Street, Grapevine a few hours before our dinner reservations.

We stopped by Messina Hof Winery, grabbed some wine, and then headed to the botanical gardens to “kill some time”. As we wandered around making our way to the tree, I could see the photographers pretending to take pictures of the gardens. We stopped to admire the tree and read the plaque. I started with the speech I had written out days before, and got down on one knee. Her response, thankfully, was a yes. (otherwise, would have made for one awkward entrance to the party). We took some pictures and headed to our dinner. After dinner we headed to Janae’s aunt and uncle in Southlake since her parents were there “headed to dinner”. We got to the door and even I wasn’t expecting as many friends and family that had showed up. It was a great way to cap off a great day.

From Janae’s perspective:

I called my parents with the exciting news following our joyous dinner. They seemed happy, but claimed to be busy and didn’t have much time for me to swing by before they had to go to a dinner of their own with my Aunt Janet and Uncle Rick. Extremely stunned by their reaction and frankly a little put out, we agreed that I could meet them at my Aunt and Uncles for a quick hug on their way out the door. Upon arrival, I assumed the neighbors we’re having a party and we waltzed in hoping to get a better response to our engagement in person. Both sets of our parents met us at the door, all smiles, and as we entered the house and rounded the corner to about 50 of our closest friends and family waiting to celebrate with us! After SUCH a roller coaster of emotions all day long, I ran directly to my long distance friends who had traveled many many miles to be there and began to sob in their arms. Those happy tears were wiped up by lots of hugs and smiles as we enjoyed seeing all of the proposal photos on the big screen, listening to D re-tell the whole story, and celebrating this over-the-top fiesta thrown in our honor. Best day of my life. Hands down. Thank you to Mom, Janet, and Kathy for all the hard work that went in to throwing such a wonderful party. I could not have asked for anything more perfect. Thank you also to all the friends and family who helped Dylan with his plans to pull off such a flawless day (even if it meant telling me a few white lies along the way!).


Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Adria Lea Photography // Bridesmaid Dresses: Badgley Mischka // Cake Designer: Candy Haven // DJ: LeForce Entertainment // Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero // Cinema and Video: Steward’s Productions – Videography, DJ, Lighting Decor, and Photo Booth // Floral Designer: Wild Rose Events & Floral Design // Event Venue:The Milestone Mansion // Featuring: @adrialea and submitted via @two_bright_lights //  Submitted via Two Bright Lights