We first introduced you to Megan and Garrett with their Pregnancy Announcement post {HERE}. Baby Girl arrived 10 months ago!!! Trapped at home in quarantine during Covid 19 is just a little better when you take time to recognize the people you’re there with. If you recall, Megan and Garret are the husband and wife duo behind Megapixels Media. They are usually in the midst of their busy season with photographing 1 or 2 weddings a weekend and nonstop editing throughout the week but with COVID19 shutting everything down, everyone’s plans are shifted and so many small businesses are bunkering down. Megan shares why they decided to photography their own in house family session.

We’ve been identifying new ways to stay positive during this time while remaining safe. Since we don’t have any other families to photograph at this time we decided to use ourselves because often times photographers never have enough photos of their own family, ironic right? Our baby girl just turn 10 months and is growing so fast. I know everyone always says “they grow so fast!” but you never really stop and think how much you and your partner grow too. This quarantine has put that change under a microscope for us and if we had to look at this pandemic as a positive light, we could at least say that it helped us focus more on our family.

We’re hoping if you’re reading this you are finding a silver lining in all of this. If it’s hard, we hope the people closest to you make it just a little better.

Photographer: Megapixels Media // Submitted via Two Bright Lights