“You can’t control everything. Relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a little and just let life happen.” – Kody Keplinger

          When I first got engaged, I already had my next two years planned out with finishing dental hygiene school.  With that, came sacrifices; I did not get to have that “surprise” entrance at my shower.  However, there is always a positive side to most.  I was able to pick the dress I loved, pick out my hair style for that day and have my make-up done!  So, it balanced out for me.  Planning my shower was fun.  My mom and I looked up several different themes that past brides have used.  The perfect one for us as a couple was “Traveling from Miss to Mrs.”.  My fiancé and I love to travel and have memories at many places together!  From there, it came easy.  Whenever we were out running errands if we saw globes, travel signs or anything that stood out, we bought it.  A day in March was planned for all the bridesmaids to come look at decorations, bounce ideas off each other and help finalize the day.  The shower was hosted by my mother because she felt the bridesmaids were all starting out their lives and she wanted them to be able to save for future bridesmaid’s duties like my bachelorette party.  She only requested the bridesmaids to arrive an hour early to help decorate.  Several bridesmaids and family members came that morning and helped create a beautiful shower.  Having some extra hands was a huge help.

          My mom hosted the shower at the end of April.  It was a nice day, and wonderfully decorated.  When guests first walked in, they all received a boarding pass which had their name and the destination they were flying to.  The destination matched up the decorations at that respective table.  The theme at each table was based off vacation destinations that we have been to as a couple.  On each table was a flower center piece, a picture of us from that vacation and an item or souvenir.  In front of the room suitcases were staggered, and there was a backdrop of clouds reading “Love is in the air”.  When guests were seated, they had an “In-flight menu” on their table setting with the selection of food available.  That was a cute touch.  We decided on only two games.  One being BINGO as I opened presents and the other was “Who knows the bride and groom’s vacations best?”   I created the game with all questions about previous trips.  It was funny to hear of the guest’s responses and how in tune they are with our travels.  I typed the game up on a map themed paper and BINGO on cloud paper.  The winner was awarded with Bath & Body Works products themed from their table destination.  For example, the Hawaii winner, won Bath & Body Works Oahu scent. Luggage tags were given out as favors and my aunt made chocolate globe lollipops.  Each small detail made my shower perfect. 

          Where to even begin with my Bachelorette party…before I even got engaged, different ideas were being thrown out and all our imaginations were flowing!  I was so excited.  At first my fiancé and I were thinking of doing a combo Vegas trip since the bridal party gets along great!  Then with school, I had to have a plan B.  My bridesmaids and I discussed different ideas but Bahamas was the perfect destination for me.  I felt Atlantis offered a casino, club, waterpark to act young again, a beach, and a spa!  What more could I ask for.  After a long 3 months trying to figure out when and where, we all booked Atlantis.

          The trip was getting closer and I was so excited.  A bachelorette trip is every vacation that best friends can dream about.   I went out and bought each girl a cute thank you gift.  I had personalized palm print beach bags.  I purchased each girl “I Do Crew” hats to match their bathing suits along with pink “We Sail Bahamas” shirts and lastly a nice water bottle to keep filling up the booze in the room with!  I was so happy to gift each girl with these goodies as I could not wait to use my own beach bag!

          The day was here!  Everyone arrived at 2AM for the limo to pick us up.  When we got to JFK airport in New York everyone started to wake up, laugh and get pumped for the next few days.  When we arrived we got our room, got changed, and hit the bar and pool.  That night we went for dinner, and everyone wanted to hit the sheets early to start our great weekend!  The next day we woke up, went to the pool bar and started ordering.  It was so much fun!  I never usually drink, so just letting loose and enjoying my time with girlfriends was great.  I also never went on an all-girls trip with my friends so this weekend meant a lot to me.

          After two hours at the pool bar, the vacation turned.  It was not up to the expectations I have viewed on social media and other Coordinated Bride Bloggers. Let’s just say that what happened in the Bahamas shall forever stay in the Bahamas – and not in a good way.

      In July, my fiancé’s family is hosting a weekend while the guys are in Nashville.  We will be spending the weekend up and down the Jersey shore!  I am looking forward to having another nice mini bachelorette party with my soon to be family!

Until Next Time……