Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

            Social media sets the bar high when it comes to making announcements. There are firework launchings for engagements, popping balloons for gender reveals, and even scavenger hunts when breaking big news to family and friends. When I sat down and contemplated how I would ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding, I considered a grand reveal as I have seen on Instagram. As I continued to weigh my options, I decided an over-the-top proposal was unnecessary, but a special gift to always remember the day would be perfect.

Planning to get eleven girls together was difficult, especially when three live out of state.  However, it ended up working out. I threw a charming engagement party in June that all ladies were able to attend, except for one. It was an ideal time for my fiancé and I to ask our wedding parties. Before the party began, I had all the girls arrive a half hour early. I gave each future bridesmaid a chic gift bag filled with a mug, a bracelet, and a genuine, personal letter.

            First, I wanted to surprise the eleven ladies with a cute present that asked if they would be my bridesmaids itself. On Etsy, I found adorable mugs that read, “I can’t say I do without you. Will you be my bridesmaid?” On the other side, it had a cartoon of two girls in robes resembling each bridesmaid and me the morning of my wedding. Next, I wanted to give a gift representing what we were celebrating. I decided to research jewelry and found a piece that symbolized “tying the knot.”When I came across Swarovski’s website, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the Lifelong Bangle with rose gold plating. The gorgeous bracelet is lined with diamonds and has a twisted knot in the middle. Lastly, the letter discussed the importance of our friendship and what I cherish most about them individually. I wrote about the good and bad times and how those moments shaped our friendship into what it is today. I was surprised to see how effective these letters were when my friends began to have both tears in their eyes and a smile across their face. These letters allowed us to reminisce about the past and look forward to the future.

A few months later, three bridesmaids helped me choose a color scheme for their dresses. I decided on apalette consisting of nude, blush, and mauve from two different designers. Bothdesigners provided an assortment of plain, flowy dresses.  The variety ofcolors and styles allowed each girl to find the perfect dress that fit theirbody type, age and personality.

In January, we all went dress shopping together. This decision could have easily been chaotic, but I kept all the bridesmaids’ choices organized by creating a flow chart. The chart allowed me to see how many girls could wear each color, which dress styles they chose, and who had already made their final decision. Providing a large variety of dresses was a successful idea. This allowed all bridesmaids to choose a style they loved within their budget. Because all dresses from both designers have similar features, they will complement each other beautifully. Both brands being carried in local bridal stores helped make shopping simple! My, now one, out of state bridesmaid was even able to purchase her dress in Georgia.

            Unfortunately,yet I am excited for them, two of my out of state bridesmaids had to drop out of the wedding. One will be having a baby girl close to my wedding date, and the other is trying for a baby of her own. They have been a huge part of my wedding, attended the bridal shower, and helped me plan wedding events over the phone. I am thankful for all of my friends who have supported me through this special time, and I am excited to have them by my side on my memorable day.

Until next time!  Xo, Victoria