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[JE #2] I Said Yes to the Custom Dress!

Hello everyone! Checking in to tell you all about my wedding dress experience,  which has been an effortless and amazing one thus far. I planned on going to three different bridal stores and I had tons of screenshots for inspiration to narrow down what I would try on. It turns out I only went to one bridal boutique and only tried on 6 dresses before I said, “YES!” to the one. What can I say, I’m a pretty decisive woman.

I didn’t even plan on starting my wedding dress shopping in October 2016, I wanted to wait one more month so I could shed some “happy weight” post proposal. But one of my favorite wedding vendors, Jean Ralph Thurin, was having a trunk show at the end of October and I figured, ok I’ll pop in to try a few things on. I came to know Jean Ralph Thurin through a referral Selina of Vainglorious Brides gave him about my work for a last minute in-studio shoot. From there, Ralph and I hit it off and I actually ended up doing his daughter’s makeup for her prom. We’ve always stayed in contact over the years so heading out to his trunk show was a no-brainer now that I am a bride. I went with my mother and sister who is also my matron of honor. I made sure my hair and makeup were done so I could have an idea of what my dress would look like with me wearing full glam; one of the many perks of being a makeup artist and also knowing how to do my own hair.

My plan for trying on dresses was to just try on different silhouettes so I could narrow down what looks the best on my body. There were two dresses with different silhouettes that looked like they could be the one! Although both gowns looked great on me, one seemed predictable and the other didn’t reflect the way I wanted to feel on my wedding day. I tried on one more dress, which my mother picked out since she had already taken a look at all of my inspiration photos and when I put it on, my jaw dropped. It’s so funny, I was expecting tears, but it didn’t happen. So no worries if you don’t have the waterworks like you see on TV ladies, just know “the feeling” for the one. I came out to show my mother and sister and both their eyebrows went up, a curious smile and a head nod saying, “oh wow, ok, yea, wow, yea ….that looks good.” I was happy they approved.

Here comes the fun part. There were aspects about the dress I wanted to change and Ralph said, “no problem”.  But here came the next dilemma…the doubt phase:

Was this really my dress?! It happened too fast! I wasn’t even ready to buy! I only went to one store! I only tried on 6 dresses! I thought this was supposed to be a hunt!

So many thoughts ran through my mind to block me from buying it. I talked it over with Ralph who said, “Because it’s the trunk show, it’s 10% off only today.” Yikes, the pressure! I looked at my sister and she gave me the what’s it gonna be? look? She could tell I was really stuck so she asked Ralph, “If we leave and come back, will we still receive the trunk show rate?” Ralph said, “of course, it’s valid till closing today.” We said okay great and decided to go for lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant in Somerville so I could mull it over for a bit. I cannot tell you how HAPPY I was that I walked away!!! As soon as I walked out of the store, I said, “Oh no, I want to put it back on!” It was in that moment I knew that it was my dress. I actually missed the dress and I just wanted to stand in it for a little while longer! So we ate lunch, toasted to my decision and headed back to the showroom to lock it down.

I sat down with Ralph, he did a sketch with my customization and we made it official. I had one last request, I must get back in the dress, with a veil on this time and officially say yes to my dress!!!! Since then I’ve had a number of fittings to create my custom gown stitch by stitch so it’s perfect. I love being a part of the creative process and Ralph’s graciousness to allow a few last minute changes! It’s been a really enjoyable experience and I recommend getting a custom gown for any bride that is creative, decisive and can trust a designer to bring their vision to life!!

Until Next Time,