Certified Coordinated Bride Rebeca

Journal Entry #3

Barrios down the aisle…Finally!

At the time I am writing this, we are just a few days away from saying “I Do”.   I still can’t believe that we are only moments away to the best day ever, it’s like I haven’t realized it yet. I keep on telling myself that this isn’t a dream, this is really happening now. I’m marrying Art!
I have been planning this wedding for almost two years now so it’s only natural that it all seems so unreal. So much hard work, sleepless nights and sacrifices are about to pay off. Making final payments, picking up wedding favors, final fittings, packing for the honeymoon and making sure that we don’t forget anything for the day of the wedding, are part of our last minute “to do” things.  I’m trying so hard to focus on everything that we have to do but with a written list I’m staying on top of everything.
Wedding planning has been a roller coaster full of emotions.This experience has had it’s great moments just like it has had its bad ones.  When you start planning a wedding, you’ll get to find out the people who are truly there for you are, those who supports you %100 and those who want the best for you.  Now, of course you’ll have the people who add more stress to your already stressful planning.  Always keep in mind that you won’t be able to make everyone happy.  Some people might have an issue with your guest list, your wedding location or even the date you have chosen.  Family drama will always be there.  For some reason when it comes to weddings all of these things are never missing but neither of these things can compare to the joy and amazing moments that you get to have through the entire process.  From saying yes to the dress, picking your venue, cake and food tastings, to choosing your flowers; these are some of the best moments of my life that I’ll forever treasured.
Advice for Future Coordinated Brides
Never forget what your wedding day is all about; this day is your and your fiancé’s day – the day you both get to profess the love you have for each other and become one.
1. Pray, pray and pray.
2. Be patient and kind and don’t forget to relax!
3. Set a budget and actually stick with it
4. Know what your vision is for your wedding before you start researching vendors.
5. Once you find the dress, veil or shoes, just stop looking so you don’t end up doubting yourself (this one is very important 👍)
I honestly cannot wait for this day to come. We are finally gonna get to see everything come together for the first time, the ceremony where we’ll share our wedding vows, the flowers, the cake and all of those small details of our wedding 😍  but what I’m looking forward to the most on my wedding is my dad walking me down the aisle and marrying us and finally be pronounced as husband and wife before God and all of our family and friends.   Oh, and of course to seeing Art’s face as I make my way down the aisle to him.
Thinking about all of these things make me so nervous but over the moon excited!   I’m literally feeling butterflies right now as I’m thinking about our wedding. ❤️
Days, hours and minutes are counting down to our happily ever after.
Until next time, Rebeca – signing off.