Rebeca Barrios & Clint Arthur Soto (Art) are getting married!!!  #TCB Blogger Rebeca is tying the knot to the love of her live, Art in Texas on April 7.  Rebeca is our second blogger that is scheduled to get married this year.

Certified Coordinated Bride Rebeca
JE # 1 –  I’ve Found The One My Soul Loves

It was supposed to be just a regular day at a new job.   I woke up anxious to start my day in hopes that my new job would be everything I wanted it to be, unaware that it would be more than that. That was the day I met my soon to be husband, Art.  Standing there nervous, I didn’t know anyone, Art was there next to me and I could tell that he noticed how nervous I was, that’s when I decided to break the ice.  I said ” Hi my name is Rebeca, what’s your name?”  He looked at me, smiled and introduced himself.

That’s where our story began.  It started as a friendship and little by little he showed me why he was different.   I couldn’t believe how persistent Art was and how he never gave up. From throwing pebbles at my window at 12am to bringing me donuts and coffee at work.   Without even realizing it, we started to spend so much time together.  It felt so easy to be around each other that it became a routine. Our feelings grew stronger and with our first kiss he stole my heart. 4 years later, we are still best friends but more than that – we’re in love.

It was only a year ago, on a rainy day that he asked me to go out for a walk.  It was pouring rain outside but I didn’t mind since rainy days are my favorite.  As we were walking over a bridge, I turned around to see Art on one knee holding a beautiful ring.  He took my hand and asked me to marry him. Now here we are, getting ready to start a new journey together. I just can’t wait to walk down the isle to the love of my life.

Planning our wedding is one of the things that I will always treasure because my groom has been by my side throughout the entire journey.  I’ve always envisioned my wedding as one out of a fairy tale; with maroon, rose gold, blush and accents of gold in every detail from our flowers to our invitations.   I love roses so I knew I had to have roses incorporated in all of the flowers; and candles everywhere – from down the isle to the guest tables.   I want our wedding to be a classy romantic affair.  Even though wedding planning is supposed to be fun, it can also bring some frustrations along the way.   Booking your vendors and choosing your colors, decor ect, is not so easy and my advice to future Coordinated Brides is to hire a wedding planner to help you with all the details and give you encouragement along the way.  A wedding planner will take care of the hardest part of wedding planning while ensuring that you relax and enjoy this phase of your relationship with your future husband.

3 months and a few days away…we’re ready!!

Xo, Rebeca

Engagement Shoot Images by Civic Photos