We’re in the final countdown till our big day – literally hours left to go!!! I can’t even contain my excitement! Looking back on how far we’ve come in this wedding journey we’ve learned so much not just about the wedding planning process but also about one another. We (Darryl and I) have honestly grown that much closer by going through what can be such a stressful time (mentally, physically, emotionally, and last but definitely not least, FINANCIALLY). We have truly found a way to find joy in every moment (even through tears and frustration) because we have truly planned the wedding WE wanted to have and have no doubts that it will be one of the most special and exciting days of our lives to date and will be a day that we look back on for years and years to come.

I am truly proud of us and those that we selected to be a part of our special day – from our family and friends who will be standing by our sides and each and every vendor and detail that went into orchestrating such a once-in-a-lifetime day! I think we coordinated the perfect balance of taking our time to ensure each and every decision was the right one (and not dragging out certain decisions longer than needed).

We’ve had all of our festivities (showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal/walk throughs, tastings, etc) – all to lead up to the moments we will share and cherish in the next few hours which will surely last us a lifetime. I’m honestly just reflecting back and thinking WOW what a production! There were times where I was visibly annoyed and frustrated with the entire process and just wanted to give up and elope but there was always someone there with a voice of reason and encouragement – be it my mom, sister-in-law to be, a close friend, co-workers, my fellow Coordinated Brides, blogs, random people, etc. There was always a reminder in there that this day is about US, our love for one another and nothing else besides that really matters. Having that reminder constantly in the back of my mind truly helped us push through to the finish – knowing that THIS will be forever for us! We will NOT be doing this again so let’s make it one for the books, something to tell our children and their children about one day!

So with that, my advice with this journal entry is to just let go and “Let it be” (in my annoying Frozen soundtrack singing voice LOL). Truly that’s been what has kept me a float, knowing that no matter what minor or not so minor detail isn’t exact, at the end of the day it’s about Our Love and celebrating that. As long as we accomplish that and have a great time doing it, we will have succeeded! Don’t get me wrong, I think our wedding will be epic but even if it’s not “perfect” it will be absolutely PERFECT because we are celebrating the union of our forever love to one another. Can’t wait to share pictures and my post-wedding journal with you guys!! I’m sure I’ll have a few more revelations or learnings to share but until then – Happy Planning and enjoy being in love (be it with yourself, your lover, etc).

Until then, sharing a few pics from my amazing Paris-themed Bridal Shower at the end of January.

My closing advice (from experience) enjoy every single second because nothing is promised to any of us. Don’t waste any precious moments trying too hard to make everything so perfect that you miss out on the important lovely moments that are perfect in so many ways (try not to focus on the one tiny way it isn’t).

Please send lots of love and positive vibes to Chicago today!! #SamuelWedding2019