Certified Coordinated Bride Naimah

Journal Entry #1

LOVE “Lee” Wedding 2018

In the Beginning

My Name is Naimah and I am getting married to the love of my life Anthony, on October 5, 2018 in Maryland.

Love comes at the most unexpected times in life. In May 2011, I was totally done with dating. I had just ended a nine-year relationship with my high school sweetheart. I was completely heartbroken. Every Friday, I would go home, watch Lifetime movies, and eat ice cream. In August 2011, this one particular Friday changed my life forever! On my way home, I received a phone call from my sorority sister inviting me to a fraternity party. So uninterested in attending, I happily declined. Afterwards, I called my older sister and best friend to let them know about my decision. They both convinced me to attend the event and literally arrived at my apartment for a full glam session. I left my apartment looking like Boom, BOOM, Pow! I felt AMAZING! Feeling good about myself, I was happy to be stepping out for a night on the town versus resorting to my new normal Fridays. Isn’t it wonderful when your favorite girls know what you need even when you don’t think you need it!

As the night went on, my sorority sister and I showed up to the event and was escorted to the hospitality suite. The room was VIP for special guests. As I gazed around the room, this handsome man walked through the doors of the suite. He introduced himself as “Anthony Lee” and all I could think about was “Hmm Anthony is kind of cute!” I nudged my sorority sister and told her my exact thoughts about Anthony. Never would I have ever thought she would tell him. However, as time passed (through the evening) she stated “Oh, Anthony knows what you think about him!” Apparently, my sentiments were given to one of his fraternity brothers, who in return told Anthony. Talk about “passing a message” right? I gave her the most sarcastic and stern stare to convey “we will talk about your impulse actions in the car young lady!” Although I’m happy to say, by the end of the night, Anthony and I exchanged numbers. So passing the message wasn’t all that bad, LOL.

Over a few phone conversations and text (messages), we (Anthony & I) realized that we shared so much in common. We would talk about church, community service, and simply put, just life. We became great friends and always supported each other’s sorority/fraternity events but never seriously dated. I believed Anthony to be a great guy but he was inconsistent and basically I was ‘friend zoned” in my opinion, lol. I didn’t know at the time; Anthony was in the middle of ending a relationship with his college sweetheart. What are the odds that we both were ending long-term relationships with our high school and college sweethearts around the same time we were introduced to each other? BUT! Timing is everything and I knew Anthony’s lack of pursuit was for a reason.

One day, I attended a women’s conference and they suggested to pray for your future husband and everything you’re looking for in him. Unfortunately, they told us to leave out the physical features so I added a little spin on my prayer. I prayed for God to protect my future husband and to include Anthony’s characteristics and mannerisms. Seriously! I have the journal entry with those exact sentiments, lol. The power in prayer is true because God gave me just that, plus more!

Fast forward to 2014, I attended this dinner cruise in Washington D.C. with my co-workers. We decided to go to the “W” Hotel Rooftop Lounge for a party afterwards. I posted many pictures on Instagram from the dinner cruise. I had finally began wanting to be out and about to just enjoy myself, when I received an unexpected call from Anthony. He informed me that he was also in Washington D.C. and without hesitation I invited him to the “W” Hotel Rooftop lounge. That night went off without a hitch! We had so much fun and enjoyed each other’s company!

Little did I know, that one night would extend to spending every single weekend together. We would visit state fairs, attend festivals and even went to a few concerts together. I noticed almost immediately that Anthony and I were one in the same. We are fun-loving people and huge foodies that love to dance. We began introducing one another to our family and friends; where we both mix well in mixed crowd, I might add. Anthony definitely left a lasting impression on me and before I knew it, we went from being great friends to a couple! Our love journey has been amazing thus far!

Surprises in Two Fold: A Birthday Party and Proposal

Surprise #1 Anthony’s Surprise “30th” Birthday Party

On April 29, 2017, I hosted a huge Surprise “30tht” birthday dinner party for Anthony at the Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar in Annapolis, Md. I planned this event for months with the help of family and friends. Anthony never celebrates his birthday so I had to plan something special for him. Prepping for Anthony’s surprise party, I contacted all of his family and friends from various states to travel to celebrate his special day. In order to keep the surprise, I told him we were going to dinner to celebrate.

During the day of the event, I had family and friend’s setup and decorate the private room while I spent time stalling Anthony for the surprise. While getting dressed for the birthday party, one of my sorority sister’s called to let me know a photographer was at the restaurant. I stated, “I didn’t book a photographer!” Completely clueless, I didn’t ask any questions because I was focused on keeping my little secret from Anthony. Apparently, the photographer was setup by one of Anthony’s fraternity brothers that knew about another planned surprise for the evening. We showed up to the restaurant and the waiter seated us in front of a curtain. Well behind that curtain was all of Anthony’s family and friends waiting to surprise him! As Anthony was ordering a glass of water, the curtain was pulled back and everyone yelled surprise! He was overwhelmed with so much emotion; I almost think he was speechless!

Surprise #2: The Proposal
Moments later, after everyone had been fed and hilariously funny reminiscing stories told amongst friends circulated the room, we all gathered to sing “Happy Birthday” to Anthony.  After all of the singing the best part was next, time to cut the cake of course! However, Anthony made a quick detour to what I thought was just his “Thank you for coming out” speech since his guests came from near and far. Anthony began speaking and he started thanking everyone for coming, doing exactly as I thought he would. Then he shared with everyone that “he wasn’t completely oblivious of something special going on for his birthday.” I thought to myself, “he was so nosey throughout this process, he probably did know a little bit about something.” As the camera phones recorded and pictures were taken, Anthony calls me to the front. He thanked me for everything and gave me roses; seven roses to be exact because that was my line number and it’s the number of completion, perfection and wholeness. Immediately I resulted in the sweet yet blank face because how are you gifting me when we’re all here for your birthday? I’m still clueless! Next, he hands me a box of cupcakes because like the cupcakes (his words, not mine) “I sure am sweet to him!”  My thoughts at this point were “ok why is he doing this BUT! Boy do I love cupcakes!” I was SO excited about those cupcakes (remember we’re both foodies at heart), lol! I turned my back to put everything down and I begin to hear crazy screams from all over the room. I turned around and Anthony was on one knee with a ring box in his hands. My mouth dropped in pure shock! I surprised him and he definitely SURPRISED me! Everyone knew about the surprise party but some of our friends assisted with the engagement, while some helped to plan both events. The night was perfectly amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal! This event unbeknownst to me turned into a “surprise 30th, proposal and engagement party” all in one night. Never in a millions years did I ever think that the surprise I planned for him would in turn be the ultimate surprise for me!

#LoveLEEWedding Planning

Anthony and I are so excited to be getting married on October 5, 2018 in Baltimore, Md. at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  The event will definitely will be a #LOVELEEWEDDING18 (peep the wedding handle)! So far, we have booked our wedding venue, caterer, and photographer. A few weeks ago in August, I “Popped the Question” to my bridesmaids at my “POP Party.” Each bridesmaid had to pop a balloon that had a picture of myself and each of my special girlfriends per balloon with the question “Will you be my bridesmaid” inside. The “POP Party” included everything with the word “pop” such as a popcorn bar, blow pop, ring pop, pop rocks, popcorn chicken and much more. On the day of the wedding, there will be special surprises for our guests as we have family and friends attending from as far as Las Vegas and as close as Washington, DC! Can’t wait to share with everyone! Not to mention, instead of planning a special day, we are planning a “LOVELEE WEDDING WEEKEND”. Our wedding day is planned for a Friday and on Saturday we are planning a huge cookout event! We want to entertain all of our out of town wedding guests and we want to enjoy time with family and friends. I have begun creating a scrapbook to document the whole wedding experience. I also started dress shopping and we will be taking our engagement photos soon! I’m a huge fashionista so we already have our outfits coordinated! Yes, Coordinated Brides stay organized! I love designing clothing and jewelry so my wedding will be full of creativity. Of course, we will be incorporating our fraternity and sorority significance, respectfully and eloquently so! All of our COLEMAN LOVE family knows how we do! I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with all of the Coordinated Bride readers and I promise to keep you entertained with all of my wedding experiences. Trust me, you will enjoy every moment! Stay tuned as the SPARKS continue to the #LOVELEEWEDDING18.

Peace and Love


Naimah L. Sparks