Certified Coordinated Bride Mohanie

Journal Entry #4

My Harry Potter Themed Bridal Shower

Hi Brides,

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by and how soon my wedding is. It seems like in the blink of an eye I went from 15 months to plan wedding to barely over a month left! The nerves are finally starting to kick in and I am in full on multi-tasking mode. Over the last weekend I did my first wedding dress fitting, finally picked my cake favor,went jewelry shopping, picked my bridal bouquet and god knows how many other tasks. But today I want to share my bridal shower with you.

First let me start with stating that I am a big Harry Potter fan. I have read those books and analyzed them cover to cover several times over. I was in the dark about my bridal shower for most of the process. My sister aka my Maid of Honor planned almost everything- I just needed to show up. I was excited when she finally told me my theme was Harry Potter.We brainstormed together on how to make it a tasteful adult bridal party vs too childish. To start with, we planned our alcoholic drinks- always a great starting point in my opinion. We decided to make alcoholic butterbeer. There are tons of recipes online that you can utilize. Ours was absolutely delicious and definitely a crowd favorite.

We kept our food menu Guyanese and bought foods from some of my favorite restaurants. I totally forgot to take a picture of the food- will try to remember for future posts. My sister and I make sugar cookies in the shape of a wedding dress, wedding cake and ring. She also made me cupcakes in the shape of the Goblet of Fire. For music we kept it mainstream but had a surprise performance by 3 very talented young musicians who I grew up with. As the night wound down, we played taboo and found out just how competitive some people can be. We also had tons of laughs to remember for years to come.

In keeping with the Harry Potter theme, we also made a butterbeer sugar scrub the night before the party. It was super easy to make and lots of recipes online for this as well ladies. For activities, my sister planned a few games based on both myself and my future husband. She also created an impromptu paint night in my parents living room that everyone enjoyed. Our goal was to paint the Hogwarts castle but we all ended up just painting whatever came to mind and had a blast doing it.

The success of the day would not have been possible without the help of my parents, sister, fiance, aunts, bridesmaids who live in NY or who flew in for the event and our friends. From reading my other posts, some of you have realized by now that I am very unconventional in my approach to all things wedding and life. The bridal shower was the same as I ensured my fiance was present. While the focus of the shower was on me, I wanted to ensure that he felt included. After all, this is the kick start of the wedding and I am marrying him.

The bridal shower taught me that time management is an issue I will need to work on for the wedding. Ladies no matter how much you plan, things happen and try not to let them stress you out. Just enjoy the process and things will still be fun and fall into place. Hope you enjoy my post and as always, happy planning.