Certified Coordinated Bride Mohanie

Journal Entry #3

My Bridal Party

Hello my fellow Brides,

Hope planning is going well for all of you.Today I want to talk about the bridal party and how to select them. Everyone will have a different process on how they decide who will be a bridesmaid and I wanted to share mine. Each girl came into my life at a different point but are all important to me. Meet my 7 bridesmaids:

My maid of honor had no choice in the matter. She was born to play the role and is none other than my sister Savitree. She is the younger self-proclaimed princess of the family. Every bride is allowed to have a dramatic moment or few (hehe). Savi will tell me when I am being a bridezilla and to not over react. She is my partner in crime and enemy when she steals my stuff- we’re sisters after all! Even though I am bigger, she is fiercely protective of me and will beat up anyone that messes with me- fiancé included (haha!).


My next bridesmaid is one whose family I was born into, my aunty Kay.  As my mom’s younger sister, she was always my go to for advice especially when Mom and I were not seeing eye to eye. For any of my Guyanese or Caribbean readers out there reading this, you know how unreasonable and hard headed our parents can get. My aunt was the one to encourage me to follow my heart. I would make each of my aunts a bridesmaid if I could, but 11 total bridesmaids seem a little excessive. So my aunty Kay is representing all my aunts.

Aunty Kay

My next bridesmaid is Devin’s sister Nikki. Although Nikki and I are not particularly close, she was automatically included in my bridal party. I know some brides struggle with the decision to include their significant other’s siblings in bridal party when they do not know them well. I never regretted my decision to include her in the bridal party. She is an important part of my fiancé’s life and therefore mine. I am sure in the years to come I will get to know her better and vice versa.

Now let’s deviate for a minute. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT include someone in the bridal party if you do not get along with them. If your future sister/brother in law do not care for one another, then I think it’s fair to exclude them from the bridal party. I’ve also read about siblings not getting along and not wanting them in bridal party- well that’s your call. Don’t go by what you read online- go by the option you can live with, without causing you unnecessary stress. In my case there is no animosity between my future sister-in-law and myself hence I included her. Remember ladies- it is YOUR day.


Back to my bridesmaids- Melissa is Devin’s best friend but became a dear friend of mine. She is awesome in her ability to stay neutral and be there for us both if we need her to be. I can also talk medical jargon with her as she works in medicine as well. She helps keeps me sane especially when her best friend is driving me up the wall.


Lara, another bridesmaid, is a girlfriend of Devin’s close friend. Heaven knows we do not all get along with our friends significant others. But that was never the case for us. We would hang out together without the boys when I lived in NY. She became my friend versus my friend’s girlfriend very easily.


Rachel and I went to nursing school together in Michigan. We would commiserate about life’s miseries and how stupid some of the things we had to study was. We remained friends after school and see each other often. She is a New Yorker at heart just like me so we can definitely relate on many levels.


Last but not least is Komal. I met her my sophomore year of college and we have remained friends since. Even though we live in different states and barely get to see each other, we can easily text each other and pick up a conversation without skipping a beat.


So ladies as you can see each girl and I share a unique trait that makes us such good friends. I am fortunate to have met these lovely ladies and I wanted to give a shout out to each of them.

Also, special shout out to my flower girl and ring boy. Devyn and Sophia are my adorable little cousins from Kentucky. They are as sassy as they are cute. We’re definitely related! 😀

Devyn and Sophia

Well that’s all from me until next post. Feel free to leave me a comment.