Certified Coordinated Bride Leanna

Journal Entry #3

My Wine Themed Bridal Shower

“Why am I having anxiety dreams about your bridal shower? My sister is supposed to keep Jase and she was late getting to the house. I was trying to carry things with me to decorate and my dress ripped. I was hysterically crying in my dream saying this is such a big day for you and I’m screwing everything up” …..This was the text message I received about a week before my bridal shower from my matron of honor. I knew that she and the entire bridal party along with my mother and mother-in-law to be had been working super hard to make sure that my wine themed bridal shower was nothing short of fantastic! They did not disappoint. The night before I laid out my dress shoes and accessories. It was that “night before the first day of school excitement.”

Big events like this never go as planned. There’s always a little snag or setback of some kind. Who knew that the very person to get me through it would have been someone I’ve known for only a short time?- my makeup artist. While I was getting my makeup done and fighting back tears Keyonah gave me words of encouragement and it put me at great ease.

As I pulled up to the location my stomach dropped. I always get the warm and fuzzies when I’m about to be surrounded by friends and family, but most spectacular about this day was that these incredible women were gathered to shower me with love and all around good vibes as I prepare for the journey to being a wife. Everything was sooooooo beautiful! It was hosted at The Armory in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. We were overlooking the water through the huge open windows which created perfect lighting for my custom step and repeat backdrop designed by our photographer Stephen Reid! Each guest signed a cork which acted as the guestbook for the event.

They say the love is in the details and everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING was so thought out. My mother and mother-in-law to be wore matching wine colored dresses, all of the bridesmaids were color coordinated and looked so uniform. Each bottle of wine on the tables represented the group of guests seated there, the centerpieces were floral arrangement with corks at the floor of the vase and the cupcake/cake table was vineyard inspired. It wasn’t just a pinterest worthy bridal shower it was FUN too. The games involved runway action, drawing pictures on each others backs with lipstick and walking around blindfolded. We laughed, we cried and we danced. It’s all I could have asked for.

The closer you get to your wedding the more the nerves and excitement kicks in. On the day of my bridal shower I wasn’t thinking about the 1 million things I needed to do for the wedding or the 107 RSVP’s I’m still waiting on. I was able to relax and have a good time with the best girls in the world. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing tribe of women who are rooting and cheering for me every step of the way. I’m so blessed to have a bridal party who stopped at nothing to make sure everything was so beautiful and perfect. I’m downright floored by the mountains my mother moved to keep all of this a secret from me!


Dress: Missguided // Shoes: DSW  //  Hair: @NaavaHairStudio  //  Makeup: @Keyfab_theartist
Photography: Stephen Reid Photography  //  Venue: Armory New Jersey