Certified Coordinated Bride Leanna

Journal Entry #2

Bridesmaid Criteria

According to the Merrium-Webster Dictionary, a bridesmaid is a woman or girl who accompanies the bride on her wedding day. With as simple a definition as that, ANYONE can be a bridesmaid!

I have been so fortunate to have a plethora of women who have seen me through dark times, had my back in so many different scenarios and that I have a long standing history with. In selecting Bridesmaids however, there were a few criteria that I used to narrow it down.

  1. Family– Family is everything. That part I guess, is just that simple. Family is forever, and ever and In my world, they needed to be included before any friends could even come to mind.
  2. Loyalty-Has there ever been a time that I discovered you were not loyal tome? I’m all for growing through fall outs and reconciliation but I needed my bridesmaids to have a 100% clean record.
  3. Faith-Do you pray fo rme? Ever?- It’s how you speak of me when you sit down and talk to God that means the world to me
  4. Stephen-Remember the groom?!  Does Stephen know at least your full name and  what you do for a living? It meant a lot to me that on our wedding day Stephen could look over my shoulder to my bridesmaids and feel familiarity and comfort.

Again, I have a phenomenal circle of kick butt women but the hard fact is that everyone didn’t meet THESE particular criteria. Choosing bridesmaids for me wasn’t so much- or really- wasn’t at all, about who I’ve known the longest. I have a pretty big bridal party and even still it was really hard to make the decision.

What’s your Bridesmaid criteria?

The Proposal

“The best relationships aren’t posted all over social media” – Unknown

How I proposed to my bridesmaids was private and personal. I know that I’m failing as a millennial because there was no huge social media post documenting it- please forgive me! I wanted to share in that moment with them and only them. There were hugs, tears and screams. You’ll just have to trust me… It was a vibe.

I won’t just leave you high and dry without any details at all though! If you are looking for bridesmaid proposal ideas feel free to try my method, LIVE ON ETSY! Day and night- just LIVE. ON. ETSY. Why not support small and local businesses while getting a hold on some hand-made super unique gifts? You are bound to find something special.

A big thank you goes out to LushLabel who helped me concoct the perfect proposal. There are many different variations of this poem I used in my proposal but this is the one I chose from LushLabel:

The day, the dress, the bride, the groom The joy, the tears will all come so soon Professing true love to myhusband-to-be

With family, friends & all Who are close to me Nothing would give me more joy and pride Then to have you standing at my side

You’ve been there for me through thick and thin Please be there with me when I marry him All our memories together make me smile

So will you meet me at the end of the aisle?

To my bridesmaids, Laureen, Victoria, Rochele, Roshanna, Danielle, Latina, Stephanie and Shanté….. THANK YOU for being such an amazing support system to Stephen and I.  We love you all so deeply.

Some of my favorite etsy shops:

LushLabel  //  Yadi Mercier  //  Save The Date Designs Co.  //  My Sister and Me Shop  //  Cute Shirts

XO, Leanna