Certified Coordinated Bride Kirsy
Journal Entry #4
The Countdown to Garcia

The countdown to Mrs. Garcia is finally coming to an end. It’s such a bittersweet moment to finalize all wedding plans and start my life with my new husband. Planning for a wedding has not been an easy task, and often I wished I could’ve eloped instead. My anxiety levels are through the roof, but before I get into those details let’s rewind to my amazing Bachelorette party.

In the middle of a nor’easter blizzard, I boarded a flight with my seven bridesmaids to Cartagena, Colombia. We were all glad to escape “the worst” winter storm of the year and enjoy the warm sunny weather. I was left out of the loop on all details of the trip so I had no clue as to what we would be doing on our trip.

We arrived in Cartagena and took a taxi from the airport to our Airbnb. The apartment was fantastic it was a two-floor penthouse equipped with four bedrooms, two baths, a pool on the roof level and a fabulous balcony view of the ocean. The girls insisted that a few of us go out to the supermarket. Mainly since I’m a vegan and needed to get food that I could eat while on our trip. We went to the supermarket and returned to a fully decked-out flamingo themed bachelorette party. Now the party has really gotten started! It was “Kirsy’s last Flamingal.”

My bridesmaids put together an itinerary for the duration of the trip and the only thing I needed to worry about was having a good time. I definitely had the time of my life in Colombia. My favorite part of the trip was sailing in a private yacht; which also resulted in us getting sunburn three weeks before the wedding (oops). Cartagena is a city full of color, culture, and history. I was amazed by the architecture and liveliness of the city. My bachelorette party was filled with fun, laughs and a few drunken nights. Being away on this trip has made my friendship stronger with my bridesmaids and also helped to ease the stress in the planning of the wedding.

As of the day I am writing this journal entry, I am five days away from walking down the aisle, and I’m more anxious than ever.  By the time you read this entry, I will probably be in hair and makeup preparing to walk down the aisle.  There are still a few details we need to finalize before we can finally sit back and relax before the big day. Ariel and I have gone through so much together and learned a lot about each other and our relationship. One piece of advice that I learned and will carry with me is to always communicate with each other and to listen to your partner. I can’t wait to see all the details of the wedding unfold and celebrate with our friends and families.

Check out a few snapshots from my wonderful bachelorette below !

See you all at the altar,