Certified Coordinated Bride Katrina

Journal Entry #5

That’s Mrs. Williams To You!

Hi everyone, it’s Mrs. Katrina Williams here, recapping my big day and hopefully helping give a few pointers for your big day!  Two days ago, made 4 months since I said “I do”, since we said “We do”!  Where does time go?  I am officially Mrs. Williams to a wonderful husband who I have watched grow over the last 12 years.  If he were typing this, I’m sure he’d say the same.  We grew together.  I couldn’t be happier to be in this space knowing all along this is where we’d be.  Looking back to Thursday July 20, 2017 it was all so perfect.  It was a dream come true.  I had moments where I had to pinch myself a few times to see if this is my life.  I am forever grateful for our love and a beautiful wedding to always look back on as the years pass.


The night before the wedding is a very important part of your big day!  I’m sure everyone has their own routine they may have the night before whether it’s a beauty routine or certain number of hours of sleep.  Nope, not me, lol.  Mine was spending it with my girls! I arranged for all my bridal squad members to stay in a hotel suite overnight in preparation for the big day.  This kept everyone together and on time for the nuptials.  Furthermore, it made for the best night ever the night before and helped to calm my nerves a bit.  There’s nothing like having your girls with you every step of the way!


Up until the big day I had been calm, cool, and collective.  It wasn’t until the morning of that I awoke feeling more nervous than I had ever felt – but in a good way, not in a runaway bride way.  It felt surreal in that moment.  I wasn’t even at the altar yet but it felt like a dream.  In my mind, I had a million thoughts happening at one time, from the floral arrangements, to the cake, to hoping that I successfully made it down the venue stairs and not embarrass myself, to OMG everyone is going to be looking at me as I come down the aisle.  I was so nervous.  Upon arriving at the venue, myself and my bride squad proceeded to get glammed up with hair and makeup.  Rick and I refrained from seeing each other prior to walking down the aisle but we both took the time to write our final says to each other.  His groomsmen Kelvin and Damian hand delivered his letter to me and I read it out loud while getting my makeup done.  Of course, I cried the makeup all away, lol.  Before I knew it, the photographers had arrived, we were all getting dressed and it was go time!  I had a special moment with my father, before coming down the aisle, where I handed him an engraved handkerchief I’m sure he’ll forever keep.  It says “Out of all the walks we’ve taken this is my favorite one.”  For my mom, I bought her gold engraved bracelets that read “I Love You.”  As I came out from the venue to the outdoor area where all 150 guests were standing and waiting for me to come down the aisle, seeing my husband to be at the altar, I was speechless.  The scenery, the guests, the officiants, the live band, the live singer, the love of my life, everything felt like, “This is all for me!”  I was escorted down the aisle by my father and it was the most beautiful moment I ever had with him.  He placed my hand into Rick’s hand and simply told him “You know what to do or else you know who you’ll have to face.”  I’m such a proud daddy’s girl.  Standing at the altar, facing my husband (who had tears streaming down his eyes), saying our vows, was EVERYTHING.  I saw every moment we’d ever had over 12 years’ flash before my eyes as the officiants said, “I know pronounce you husband and wife.”


From the beginning of planning I questioned whether to have a wedding planner.  Quite frankly, I didn’t see where one would fit into the budget we had already set which was already expensive.  I’m very organized and felt I could take on all planning on my own.  I have no regrets not hiring a wedding planner and with help of my venue coordinator, vendors, wonderful and so helpful mother, and bride squad, I pulled off my wedding successfully.  To anyone debating this decision, don’t be afraid to not have a planner.  You can do this!

Another word of advice to all my brides to be is don’t forget to snack throughout the day of your wedding.  I made sure to eat breakfast the morning of.  After that, eating was a complete blur.  I was so consumed with getting glammed up, the ceremony and the reception (dancing and mingling), I barely ate!  By the time we arrived to our hotel suite to take it all in, I was starving with no food in site, LOL.

All in all, your wedding is what YOU make it.

  • Keep this in mind as you go through the planning process and make decisions that sometimes those around you may feel the need to comment on.
  • If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, it is ok to take a step back and regroup, know that in the end everything will turn out just fine.
  • Do your research with all vendors you use and even websites you use to make purchases.
  • Try to make purchases early on so you have enough time if having to make returns or exchanges.
  • Don’t go overboard with your bride squad demands but set your expectations and make sure all parties are in agreement.

Even till today, I absolutely miss planning my dream wedding.  Through the ups and downs, smiles and cries, this was a wonderful journey.  I would like to express my absolute gratitude to my Coordinated Bride family for giving me the opportunity and platform to share my journey with all of you!

Best Wishes to all Coordinated Brides to Be!


Venue: Sand Castle // Dresses: Lotus Bridal, Essense Of Australia, WToo // Shoes: Vince Camuto // Groomsmen: Dreu Beckemberg // Invitation: Invitations by Dawn // Band: Just Another Band // DJ: Nite n Daze Entertainment // Photography & Videography: Le Image // Floral Arrangements: Henry’s Florist // Hair: Elegance of Amor // Nails: D’sOnTheSpotNails